• Racism isn't limited to the USA. I am saddened that you would judge a whole nation based on a few rude people online. Now who is being judgemental?
  • It really doesn't matter where you live. Its your perceptions that really matter. I live in the pacific and its not so much colour that separates us but who we are related to or who we know... same treatment just a different way of being biased.
  • I lived outside USA, discrimination are every where. It happens anywhere. No matter where you live. Yes now I live in USA, I can't escape from this kind of unfortunate situation.
  • Discrimination based on color is big in the U.S. Still, abroad discrimination is based on different belief systems on down to because someone was born a woman. Every nation has its pros and cons. America is a great place to live... make the best of where ever you are.
  • I am very sorry that you think there are lots of people in the United States that feel that way. You cannot judge a whole race of people by what a few say. Did you see what Senator Obama did today, while giving congratulations to Senator McCain on running a good campaign? Keep your eye on his finger. Have a Good Day!
  • I haven't see anything racist and i'm glad.
  • Never mind this country, how will other countries treat Obama, I don't think he will get respect from them..How the world see blacks is how blacks perceive themselves...The world will only see his color..He will have to prove himself over and over..It will be very hard and fustrating for him..
  • Racism is everywhere, not just the US. I think it's just pointed out more when Americans are involved, because we claim to be such an open and accepting group of people. The first place I can think of where racism also exists, is England. Macka B's song Discrimination, highlights the problem. There are many other countries as well.
  • Me thinks thou doest protest too much. I'm glad you don't live in the U.S.A. too! We already have more than our share of twisted Canadians here exaggerating problems. Clean up your own back yard and keep your nose out of mine.
  • Good thing you don't live in a country where a person's gender automatically makes them "inferior" - or their particular religion or sect - or their tribe - or their national origin - or the language they speak - or . . . Every country has its bigotries. Even yours. Stop looking down your nose. Agreed, racism isn't right. But occasionally (like last night) we do things right.
  • Given that you don't live in the USA, it's NOT yours to say anything about. Besides, it's 2017 now, and your question has lived on to reach into a time when a man at a baseball game, leans to another and says quietly "Gee that (girl who sang the anthem) niggered it up.", and he gets banned from Fenway Park FOR LIFE. Well I'm no racist, but it seems to me that since blacks say NIGGER to each other, all day, and openly, THEY GOT NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to demand others cant say it. It's either a bad word or it ain't. I'm ashamed to live in a country where a guy gets the cops called on him for saying a commonly used word, quietly, in a one-to-one bit of conversation. That's bloody ridiculous, just as its ridiculous there are people who are defending that idiocy instead of normal sanity like I am. Americans are stupid.
    • Natz
      I agree. It was long ago and if they can say Nigger and make it a common word it should not be taken as racist. Racism is everywhere. I live in South Africa and everything here is about race and racism. You would think that the word democratic country means something. I also find that it is the people of colour that makes racism a issue. You can't say no if someone offers you food or a sip off there drink because then you being asked why is it because I'm black. Firstly no. Its because I don't know you and don't even bite from my daughter's nor my husbands food so why would I take some off yours?. You could be pink, purple, black , white or green I will still say no. People should stop making everything about race.
  • I don't think posts like this promote Unity. What are you trying to accomplish by bringing this up?
  • not sure but im not one of them
  • not sure why but i dont think that way
  • Why is a 10 year old question still here?

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