• Someone had made a series of photoshopped images that showed the character riding through a forest with Bigfoot in the background. People believed it for awhile, but it was eventually revealed to be a hoax.
  • Exactly what Tucker said. someone had a photo claiming it to be leatherface but it turned out to be a photoshopped photo of CJ in a gimp suit, hockey mask and chainsaw photo taken by a gang member.
  • Because many trollers/modders made a fake b.foot/leatherface (mods)
  • Because they are stupids. How can Bigfoot is in an action gunfighting game and for the chainsaw killer. Does Rockstar buy it from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre owner?
  • lil wane nigga your theory is bullshit or a shitty mision mod.I had faced leatherface in the panopticon bacause I downloaded the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACER MOD the motherfucking maniac appered with a fucked up glendale A.K.A the gost car .Niggaz stop bullshitting the world with untrue myths
  • When i used to play gta san andreas i looked for both and never found them,both of hoaxes.

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