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  • Medication and/or therapy.
  • Alcohol helps. I know it's a terrible thing to say, but the occasional drink does get your mind off things.
  • Doctor? Time, I've had it so bad that is the next person had said " Look up it can't get any worse" I felt I would kill them. The only thing was time and sometimes meds. Alcohol is a depressant.
  • my dear friend ---- i wish i had some sage advice to give you that would clear up your precious mind and make you feel whole again, but candidly i dont. what i will tell you is this: over three years ago i was struck by lightning, and frankly nobody gave me much reason to go on, and that is the way i felt. i lost my ability to do almost everything and could not walk let alone eat. in this instance, i sure felt the same way you do. then it hit me ---- i still have somethings to do in this life, and started to rebound, go through almost 3 yrs of off and on rehab. i can walk today with braces and canes, and even with short term memory loss, i can even reply to folks like you. what this bois down to, is even in your darkest times, there are people like me, who dont dont you, but care for you. now this might sound silly to you, but dependent on where you live, go to a zoo, sit down and just watch people and the kids ---- at a zooo you see many more crazy things than you can imagine, and it will make you laugh and see life is worth going on with. you have a lot to give, just have not found your niche yet, but you will. tyhings will not get better overnight, days, months or years. take baby steps to find yourself and things you like to do. when you find something, hold it dear to your heart, and let it go. does not matter what anyone else thinks, just enjoy it. no fancy themes here, no cliche's, just a big wish you feel better. if i can be of any help to you, let me know
  • Lets start with what have you tried?
  • I'm not in a place to totally know what's going on with you, but I can tell you that I have been in that dark place that seems to have no way out. It was like fighting the ocean to talk my way out of that darkness. After many years of trying to reason my way out, self medicating and attending therapy, I realized that perhaps what I was feeling was chemical. A physician prescribed Lexapro. When I began taking the medication, it was like someone had cut the black balloon I had tied to my wrist for years. The dark storm in my head eased up and the urge to take my life was quieted. I still do the therapy work (dream work, too), but my mind is clearer to reason things out. Best of luck to you on your journey.
  • They do say that if you want to feel better, help somebody else, so although I accept that volunteering may be the last thing on your mind right now, it may help and if you've not tried this before, it must be worth a go if you've reached the suicidal stage. (I've been there, for a long time, and thankfully I'm out of that dark patch now, but one of the things that did help me was volunteering my time to help others). Also, I found talking to (real) friends very helpful too, although it took me a long time to decide to open up to them. Anyway, I hope things do turn out well for you, and sooner rather than later.
  • You need to brighten your life up a bit. Watch some comedy or something. These should help: (This one is quite close to the truth in the UK)
  • Get help from a professional....I have been there....there are a lot of good drugs that help can be a physical problem that your body isn't producing a certain chemical in your would be similar to taking meds for high blood pressure....and back it with some counseling....sometimes it is just situational and sometimes it is a lifelong issue....nothing to be ashamed of at all....
  • Find the right therapist. Try the meds - they sometimes take time to kick in - sometimes up to a fortnight. Keep a stock of sit coms to watch when you cant sleep in the middle of the night - they are short enough to take your mind of things, and are light hearted enough that you don't have to think about them (The AB'er who posted the comedy clips was on the right lines) Find things to smile about - or giggle about - or be amazed by - it could be something as small as a flower opening Keep a chart of all the clichés you hear in a day - smile every time someone cocks their head to one side and looks concerned (however, people really do mean well when they say them - they may not understand how you are feeling, but are doing their best to at lest do something). Here is a list of some clichés you might like to start off with: Pull yourself up by your bootstraps Things can only get better Look on the bright side Pull yourself together Cheer up! It might never happen Write down at least one positive thing each day - again that could be something as simple as : Today I managed to fill the kettle with water and make a cup of coffee; or today I managed to tell people how I was feeling! I once heard someone describe depressive illness like being a mental diabetes - in diabetes, the blood sugar levels go a little haywire. In depressive illnesses, the levels of chemicals in the brain do the same - so treat this like a form of diabetes - seek to adjust the chemicals in the brain, just like a diabetic does. And remember that the feelings you feel are the result of an illness, and not out of any failure within yourself. Good luck on your journey - I hope you discover lots of good things about yourself and the world along the way, and I hope that one day you will be able to share your successes with others.
  • I went through that. Take long walks, walking is good for you. Try playing in the dirt, you can take your frustrations out on the dirt and weeds. You have to find at least one person with whom you can confide in. That person could be a complete stranger or it could be your one of your teachers. But find someone even on line. It took me a year to get over my depression. Dance like nobody is watching and sing like nobody is listening. I would rather listen to someone sing off key than cry. I see you have tried lots of remedies, but remember, your question, What else is there? There is YOU! and you matter. I wish I were with you to give you wonderful hugs and reassurance.
  • When I feel empty and distraught, I simply replace that mindset with some positive affirmations. First I tell myself that I'm going to do something good for someone else and I'm going to spoil myself by buying a lot of new clothes and eating rich foods at the snack bar. I also tell myself that "I am a survivor because I'm just as good as anyone else in this world."
  • Things DON'T get better, we have to get better at dealing with them! Most of the time things are laughable........who cares what other people think? Or what the world wants us to do?????? Huh? Sh*t happens! Laugh in the face of it all, Ha,ha,ha!!!!! Give it back to them! Kiss my sweet.....potatoe! Tell 'em! Don't let it beat you! Smile------take a bubble bath and let yourself relax!
  • Chill! And get some professional help! One thing you can do right now is go to the nearest pet store, and spend a half hour petting a kitten.
  • Honey, i wish i knew how to help you, what you are going through right now is terrible for you, do you have friends with children? if so try to spend some time with the kids, they do take your mind off things.. go out with friends and try to forget whatever is on your mind, but i think the main thing is to find a good therapist, i see you have already tried that, but there are lots out there - i agree with what jen-jen said, find one who suits you. I feel at a loss here, i really wish there was a magic cure, sadly as we know there isnt. Email me if you need to talk, i will help all i can
  • Get busy but most of all find the way to love your self looking around how worse are others that are impared to feed them selves or even to clean them selves.... Look for a way to help others, that will give you soooo mush straingth that you will not believe... I don't care with what, even with a smile, you will see how much they will respond smiling back and that will make you fell good.
  • well being a pessimist cynic, I guess I'm probably not the best person to give a pep talk. But I've been where you are, heck sometimes I still get depressed and hopeless. So here's my advice to you...stick around for awhile. Yeah life sucks more often than not but there's no guarantee that there is anything any better should you kill might suck worse after you are dead..then you are in a worse situation than before! You never know, but there's always ups and downs in life, might as well stick around and see what happens next
  • D, almost everybody's advice here is really good. I've been in bad places too. It is temporary. I think I've mentioned anti-depressants to you before. What else works for me is exercise (long walks as someone mentioned, or something more vigorous like jogging or Tae Kwon Do) - it really has a good effect on all kinds of personal well-being. The cat suggestion was good too - buy one even! Sometimes when I was a teenager my only friend was my dog, and it was very relaxing to come home from a tough and hateful day at school and just pet her for a long time. And sit quietly every day, just 10 minutes, and let your mind zone out - don't let yourself think negative thoughts. If they arise, intentionally release them. I'll be thinking of you, take care.
  • Oh, sweetheart ((h♥g)) I don't have anything at all to help you, as I've never felt suicidal not matter how low I've felt; I've always had the inner dialogue saying I'm *damned* if I'll let that situation or that person make me feel that desperate! I've so many highs and lows in my life I can't begin to count them, but they don't matter you. All that matters is *your* situation and what's happening *now*. Please, honey, don't listen to anyone who tells you how to do this - that is immoral and despicable, and probably illegal, and there are far more here that will ((((HUG)))) you!! :-) L♥VE XX Mimi ;þ
  • Get bussy, make friend, get a job....surely things will get better for real.
  • What's the problem(s)? Why do you feel "empty"? Would you like to share with me a little more about you? I would love to offer you some sound advice(no cliche) but I would need some type of lead to thread on. I have two daughters--one 16 and the other 14--and also I work 3 hours every saturday(voluntary) as a youth counsellor. So you would get from me the best I am capable of of charge! Smile!! :~)=)
  • Awww Honey,, I really feel for you.. Am in the same situation right now.. I wish i could help you babe... really i hope that one day you get thow it. am having a really hard time at the moment so i really know how your feeling at the moment i just want you to think about getting better like being happy thats the important thing is to try and be happy... =) i wish i could help you with some other ideas but if you need to talk to anyone add me on msn ... Please if you ned to talk then just send me and email ok sweetie!!...<33
  • What do you mean again? Your question implies that you've already killed yourself once. Is your name Jesus by any chance?
  • Yes, think about how killing yourself would affect your family and freinds. Even if you don't think they love you, they would still be devistated by your death. Suicide is going to push all of your problems onto others and they will wonder why you did it and if it was their fault. So don't kill yourself for their sake if not for your own.
  • no cliche? hm. what do you say to someone who wants to kill themselves, when you've been in the same place. Honestly? I have a belief in reincarnation, and that if I do, I'm going against a contract I made with myself to see this life through, therefore have to come back into a similar situation. So what do I do, when everything is so off, and all I want to do is lay down, sleep and not wake up? I write. I cry, I let myself actually feel everything that I am feeling. There's something to be said about crying, screaming and feeling everything: and that is that everything that you feel, will eventually begin to turn for the better. Eventually, when you allow yourself to feel, things get clearer, and you start to see a different angle. I hope you feel better. but write if you need someone to talk to. Cus I don't have a degree, and I don't judge.
  • I feel exactly the same, everyday of my life. I've tried it a few times and unfortunately and obviously it hasn't worked. That's my only regret. What scares me is wnondering how many more years I'm going to have to live through this agony.
  • Once you spill water it cannot be filled back in the glass. Kill yourself and there is no second chance. There is no redeeming yourself. You label yourself a looser. Ok, you are in the dumps but you are not alone. All around the world there are millions in deeper dumps than you are. They are clawing with all their might to break free. You can do it too. What life has taught me is that :day breaks and in the darkest hour some passer by or the other, sometimes a person in as much trouble as we are , shines a tiny ray and even lets us see in that light.
  • Some of the above responses are wonderful. Isn't it nice that total strangers are reaching out to help you? What a lucky person you are that you have a whole community of people, from all around the world - literally, that care about you and want to make sure you are okay. I know its been a few hours since your post, but I'm sure all we agree with me when we ask you to post something in a little while. Let us know if you are feeling better. Let us know you are okay. As MM stated - you are more than welcome to contact me if you would like to talk more. FYI I have been in depression as a result of chronic pain. I have tried probably every medication for depression. Finally, finally, finally, I am happy. Never thought I would say that, but I am. I would like to share some of it with you. Be well and be safe. I will check back just to make sure you've posted again.
  • Yes, seak imediate professional help immediately, things won't get better till you do.
  • You need to seek out professional help immediately. I realize that there are times when life is painful and difficult; and I understand that you are in pain, and that you feel helpless right now. Immediately ask that your Higher Power fill and surround you with his/her light and love. You need to IMMEDIATELY either contract for safety with a family member or a Professional who cares about you, or call 911 and tell them that are thinking of ending your own life. You can also find the specialized help that you need at your local Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Room (or a General Hospital with a Psychiatric Unit). I was employed for several years as a Psychiatric Social Worker and I am a currently working as a Therapist. Please know that your life is precious. Remember that where there is life there is hope.
  • Start praying to the Lord above for his help and believe and things will look better.
  • Accept and understand that part of being happy is accepting unhappiness also. If we didn't then we would never fully appreciate the good times It is all about balance. I get depression but in bad times deep down i know i will come out the other side. whether I like it or not. Hugs
  • Again?? You need psychological help. Not advice from people on Answerbag.
  • just do it and get it over with, you slag. i ok, george kill me instead, so i no do suicide.
  • It's a long time since you posted your original question, so I don't know how things are for you right now? Admittedly, I haven't checked out the other replies, so I don't know what others have suggested, but I would always encourage people with suicidal thoughts to talk about their feelings to someone they really trust - someone who will listen attentively to what you've got to say and who will take time to acknowledge and respect your feelings. It's not always easy to share our innermost thoughts; often we talk in superficial terms without going below the surface and exploring the real issues - that's why it can be of more benefit to speak to a complete stranger, for we don't have the worries or concerns about personal and emotional involvement when talking to someone we don't know and it can really help us to open up. Talking is so important - if you hold your thoughts inside you are attempting to cope with a personal crisis alone. When we reach the point of crisis we need to accept that we can't go it alone. Of course, talking is only one side of the coin. On the other is looking after your emotional health - eating well, taking exercise (even if it's only a walk), trying to get plenty of rest and sleep, avoiding alcohol and trying to accept the person you are. I'm not saying these things are any easier than sharing the painful thoughts and feelings which have brought you to this point - when you are at such a low ebb even the smallest thing can be a real effort, but it is worth a try. Take care and let us know how you are getting on. siggie
  • this might sound a little crazy, but have u tried cutting? it helps A LOT!! it took my mind off of what was wrong in my life. I am addicted to the "happy feeling" that it gives off and when i feel down you better bet that that night i will cut and not die, but you dont have to try it its just a suggestion you know
  • Make a list of everyone you care about, and everyone who cares about you. Leave enough space to write a bit about them. In that space, write what you love about them, and what annoys you about them. Rant, babble, just write. Write about why they'll miss you, about fun or sad memories with them, how you met them. Write about their quirks, how they cheer you up and make you feel down. It sounds stupid to write what ticks you off about someone, but it could make you realize that you really need them just as much as they need you. If you aren't willing to live for yourself anymore, live for the people on your list. Live for the reasons you put down, and live for why you love them or hate them, or even both. It saved my life, and maybe it'll help yours. And always remember to add to the list whenever possible. It'll be your lifeline.
  • get laid im not joking, its a really good method to think of the bright side of life
  • you need to talk to someone and you have to be strong talk to a counciler your perents or a brother or sister
  • I know this may not be the most common, or even the best answers or reasons, or even ways to do it: I tried to commit suicide a few times when my parents abandoned me. I was only 11 @ the time. I had lived through being shot, and hung, beaten and molested. So I figured it would be better if I were dead. I was placed in institutions, and bounced from group home to group home; One was closed down because they were molesting the kids. That one was in Salome,AZ. Of coarse that was around 30 years ago. I tried to hang myself. I passed out. When I came to, the rope had a clean break. I couldn't even get that right. So I talked a few of the kids in the juvenile hall,(where they housed us "little kids" that they couldn't find a home for!) I got one a couple of the kids that were taking Meloryl, Stelazine, and thorazine, to give me there meds. I took enough meds to kill an elephant. While I lay in bed, falling to sleep, I got an urge to pee! Badly! I started to get up, and one of the kids said don't do it! I did it; I got up and 3 days later, I woke up in the hospital with a broken nose, from where I fell flat on my face. Well, I withdrew into myself, and just did whatever I needed to do to get by. Did my "8 and out the gate" I called it. When I was 17, the state had no place else to put me; So they emancipated me, and sent me out on the streets to make it on my own. Not having any education,family, friends, or any social skills to survive, I did whatever it took to live. No, to survive. I lied my way through life. Telling people I went to college. And whatever other lie I could, to be accepted. 18 years ago, I left a bad relationship. And sled upon a woman who had 2 kids of her own, and had had an abusive relationship with her first husband. The perfect match! I finally found someone who could identify with what I went through. I became a truck driver. Hey, the best job in the world: Your boss is only on the phone. You only see family once in a while; So you so you don't have to worry about letting them down too. You get to spend life alone, and don't have anyone to answer to, or to be let down by! Well, life threw me another curve ball. I became permanently disabled with M.S.. My wife has heart trouble. And we are so poor, because we live on a very low fixed income. Our dining room floor is caved in like a giant cereal bowl. And the house is literally falling apart! Sound like any of this is advice? Had it worse? Well let me say this: After spending my entire life not knowing what Love was, or if I would ever find it; I had gone to church. I did that bit for a while to. Not getting it yet? Well, I was sitting on my back porch, a 3 x 7 stack of wood, screwed together into a makeshift deck. After having mowed the lawn myself, because I can't afford to pay to have it done. I was tired, hot,in serious pain (An every day thing), and mentally drained. Sitting there looking over my fresh mowed lawn; The smell of the cut grass in the air. Seeing fireflies lighting their butts; I realized I was exactly where I should be! I have, although run down, my own house. My own yard, that I can mow, when I want to. A White Peach tree, I planted myself! And nobody can take that away! Well, maybe they could, but only if I give up! I realized "Love" is not a physical pleasure. It is not a belief in a God you can't see, it's not even having Stuff! It is something you only find when you stop looking for it! Huh? He's not making any sense! I'm sure that is what you are thinking! I stopped looking for Love, I found a woman who puts up with my irregular behaviors and ways of doing things. I sit on my porch, looking at the lawn I mowed myself.Sore and tired. (I know, repetitive!) And what happens? My little chihuahua,well rather fat actually, stands on my leg. I look down at her and say, "You want daddy to pick you up?" Her reply was a wagging tail, and an "uh uh" sound. I pick her up, she starts licking my face, doggie breath and all. That's when it hit me! Nothing I do can make someone else love me. I will never find love! And I can always run away before being left. No, that's not it! Although you can see things that way! Sure, it's the easy way. Or, you can see it as it actually is: In your greatest depression, no matter what you do or say, no matter who you are, or even how you look, and I'm fat, I should know; Love will find you! Love is the feeling when you realize there is someone who cares how you feel, even when you don't. Love is the knowing that even though you lied your whole life, when you finally told the truth after being married for 7 years, when the feet don't stand as sturdy as they should, and your memory fails you from time to time, you have a place that no one can take from you! Not your house! Your heart. That part of your mind you never even thought of as a part of you! The part of your brain that says, "I have me! I am me!" And even as bad as I was or am, I am still married to the same woman. We have been married almost 20 years. And my chihuahua has been with me, licking my face, for about 12 of those. I say "She puts up with me"! I know I am annoying because I even annoy myself at times. But she stays with me. I yell at the dog, telling her to get back into our yard, or I get impatient and tell her to "Go Potty", and she does. Later she will lick my cheek, even after sniffing her butt! And I will laugh. And when I'm washing off the "Dogie Germs" I smile! I know I am loved! My wife loves me, I love here! My dog loves me, I love her! Love is putting someone else in front of your own feelings! And, Love is being happy when they are smiling because of something you said or did. Love is knowing you have done your part to make another's life better. Does that solve the problem? Does that show you why you shouldn't kill yourself? I hope it shows you, that no matter how bad things are, someone else has lived to tell about it. No matter how life has beat you down, you can still get your face licked. No matter how fat, or ugly you feel, no matter how annoying you can be, or even how little you feel you can give... You are a better person than I am! You can have someone who will put up with your being annoying. You can have your own yard one day. And you can sit on the porch after cutting the grass. And you can even eat the delicious dinner. But... If you don't, and you decide to follow through with it... think of those little things in life that you won't be experiencing. I'm not speaking of religion, or law. I'm not even talking about the people you leave behind. I'm talking about life,about living! That smell of cookies baking. The cut grass. Flowers. Even stinky farts. Yea, I said it. everybody does it! Although you think life stinks, you can always change it! And if you can't change it, just go with the flow. Take a time out. "Stop and smell the roses." You thought I was going to say "Stop, and smell the farts!" But I didn't! Oh wait, I guess I just did. Confused? Still thinking about whatever it was you were thinking about? I may not have the answer you were looking for. But I said my piece. You can too! And if you are not thinking of whatever it was, whatever was so bad. Then I have done my job! Well, not my Job, but what it right. Feel free to criticize my writings! If you are thinking of ways to criticize my writing your not wasting your time with thoughts of leaving me! Wait, did I just say "Leaving me?" Yes, because, if you do leave this life, you can't be there to read my rantings. And you wouldn't be there to critique my thoughts. And then who could I confuse? Welcome to my brain. If you lead, someone is alsways sure to follow. Lead well! If you are going to Follow, you are sure to smell something funny! So know where you are going! It's always slow when looking forward; It seems it will never get here. But when you look back, it went too fast. And you cant change it After it happens So use it well.
  • getting help from a profesional doesnt change anything for me i just try to think that if i kill myself im being selfish nd weak because i would b making the ppl who love me(even though thats not many) very upset and im weak for just giving up on myself
  • I don't ever believe things to get better, it is all to do with your frame of mind. People with that frame of mind (me included), just deal with it I guess. But everyday gets harder.
  • i myself am a cutter whos never gotten over my thoughts for suicide but this life has shown me if hold close to your heart an your thoughts an fight it that tomorrow will always bring you awaking from your bed an looking out the front door to a new world. an noby ever knows exactly what tomorrow will bring an so i stay to find out an i hope to stay as long as i can before my own suicidal thoughts get me cause maybe if i keep looking for tomorrow maybe i can learn to deal with them an beat them as im sure you want to deep down inside. i hope i was of some help
  • so kill yourself.the best deed in the world for my opinion is suicide.because that will save all the resources on earth and miimize war.
  • When I was going through depression, what I would do to help was listen to music I loved, and took long walks, getting a fresh breath of air. I watched my favorite TV shows, and often played piano. You might not play piano, or any instrument, but you can go to concerts and liten to the lovely music that many people love. This may not cheer you up immediately, of course, but it helped me get over my rough patch in life. I hope it helps you too!
  • Instead of ending your life end your life style. God loved you enough to create you so I'm sure you can do more good alive than dead if you tried. Speak to God, Jesus and read the whole bible. Love is worth sharing.
  • &quot;Things will get better", i know your thinking "what the, i said no cliche like thing will get better", but really it would. Inn life people have shitty ass timee, and sometimes they have really good times it's just how things are. Just change the things you do, you feel empty try to go out and hang with your friends, to try to meet new people. Go traveling just get into your car and randomly drive to some random place. Life feels empty when you repeat the same boring things everyday. So just try something new, sport, games there so many things you can do.
  • HI Yea u don’t seem stupid. Look i wana grow up to prevent more deaths. and sometimes there’s those who want help and those who don’t. i want it and subconsciously don’t. i would kill myself to anytime. But i won’t because like me u know that death solves nothing. it’s said that it makes the pain go away when you die does it? i won’t tell u things will get better only u can say that. i didn’t like my situation and i was gana kill myself but i found another way. Why not live and see how for i can get in this game before i go. u know if u wana die this must be so bad. so why not give yourself another chance and give yourself a different environment. i did and it helped a little but now i know that if i try my life will go right. Nobody can tell u things will get better because only u can make that possible.

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