• No need. It's not the 1800's anymore;)
  • Honestly yes in some things not all.
  • No, I don't want someone to control a situation. I want my man to support a situation
  • yes, on some things not all
  • Honestly, yes. I don't like taking charge most of the time. I like that the option is there, but most of the time I want my husband to take care of things.
  • Most definitely. I don't care for wimpy men. We are partners...but he is in charge (most of the time!) ;-)
  • depends on my mood, sometimes i like to be submissive but other times im a total Dominatrix
  • yes 99% of the time I do.
  • I've been a Drill Sergeant in the military and my wife would just laugh at me and say: You only wish you had that kind of power here..........
  • only in bed
  • Yeah!! If he likes the same things as me! A man should be a man!
  • especially when it comes to picking a place to eat. sheesh
  • To a certain extent. I like us to be equal, to treat each other equally. I hate being pushed around (I don’t mean physically) and it annoys me when they assume you will do all cleaning and cooking. I tell him “clean up after yourself, I am not your mother”. Haha he does not like that. I don’t like when he becomes too dependant on me.
  • Absolutely. In bed and out. I am not submissive, but I need a man who knows his own mind and isn't afraid to express it.
  • I love a man who tells me what to do, when to it, and how to do it.
  • I guess I wouldn't put it that way. I like men to be confident and to know what they want...but that don't necessarily mean they are "in charge".
  • Ya, pretty much and especially in bed. As others said I like to know I have the option but rarely want use it. As long as I know I can be in charge if I feel like it it's all good and then I don't want to be in charge. Hope that makes sense.
  • DEFINITELY! I like a man who is not Afraid to be the MAN! A man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after what he wants. The more "Alpha Male" the better! The man IN CHARGE even in the bedroom Alpha Male Posturing Excites me!
  • Yes...soft and sweet doesn't really work for me. However, I adore a man with a ginormous heart...kind, compassionate and thoughtful. I like a guy who is more dominate and definitely the alpha-male type. He's strong, has attitude, fearless, smart and strong. (I said strong twice for a reason!) A quote from one of my AB friends, engineer is Terminator describes my feelings: "They need to be soft with you but,when it comes to protect you, that's the time they should display components of real manhood." ~engineer is Terminator :D
  • I like men to feel confident in expressing their manliness and i like feeling protected but i don't like and will never accept being controlled or dominated or made to feel inferior or helpless. I appreciate mutual respect and though i am happy to accept a man being in charge in some situations, i will not accept it in all situations.
  • It depends on the situation. I love it when he's in charge in
  • yes i do i love being chocked and manhandled i told my bf that and he looked at me like i had 2 had and said what kind of freaky shit u into..n i said lots: )

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