• I have an 04' F150 FX4. I have been having a problem where it just cuts out and dies once in a while and either will eventually start, barely idle and die when you hit the gas or won't start at all. The Ford dealer said it was the fuel pump which kind of made sense but I figured it either worked or didn't period. Them being the professionals I went with their word. $700 and two days later I picked it up and drove it home. The next day it didn't want to start at all. It eventually did start so I took it back to them. They said they checked it out "jiggled things" and couldn't find anything wrong. I picked it back up after three days and the next day I went to start it with the same results, or lack of results I guess. I had it towed back in and after two days they said that there was an electrical connection up above the spare tire area where the fuel pump connects with the harness and that it was loose and corroded. They said they changed the ends and cleaned the area and everytning was good. I told them that if that was the case then the fuel pump wasn't bad at all and it just had a bad connection so it was replaced for no reason then. They said that it had "probably shorted out" due to this problem. Well a lack of a connection will cut power but it won't burn out the pump. The wires weren't crossed. I picked it up last night just before closing and got two miles up the road and it just died. I did get it started within about 5 minutes and it did run. I turned around and headed back to the dealership and it died again before it got there but restarted and I did make it back. Unfortunatly not before they closed for the weekend though. I failed to mention that the third time there they said they may have gotten hold of a bad pump. Sorry this is so long, but was really hoping that someone might have some clue as to what the actual problem is. I have to go back Monday morning to talk to them and don't want them to waste another week "jiggling things". I use this truck for work and it's been three weeks so far. I'm losing money. Thanks in advance.
  • my 1999 ford f150 stutters as I drive, I have been told that possibly my injectors are bad, has anyone had this problem. If so, what can I do to fix this.
  • I have a 2003 F150 4.6. It runs fine to start then after a few miles the temp lite will ease up to hot and temp lite comes on the in 2 seconds it will go back down to normal, then about 10 minutes later it will do the same thing, we have changed 3 thermostats, HELP

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