• It could be the axle on the wheel is shot. Is it a real Zippo or a look-a-like? Have you replaced the flint lately? Sometimes when the flint gets small they will Jam up until it is jarred to a different position. Maybe the springy thing is compressed too much try stretching it JUST a little.
  • no this one is a real zippo. I have not had this one long, and it worked fine for about a week, then jammed on me earlier. i switched the flint, and then was able to unjam it, but now it is jammed again roughly 6 hours later. I will try stretching the spring a little bit for now and see how that works. thanks!
  • yeah mine has the same probelm but i would just keep turning it and itll work its fine i think the little thing below the wheel jams up sometimes

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