• It means doing ones best to insure a happy ongoing relationship with that customer and his/her recommendation to the people in that customers' circle of influence. In other words, it means making a friend and keeping a friend.
  • Satisfying the customer, making them feel that they made the right purchase and making them happy that they came to your place of business.
  • Smiling, having manners and not being pushy
  • Keeping my mouth shut when the customer asks "do you think i'm stupid" somedays it is difficult
  • Someone is polite and helpful never loses their temper but always stays calm no matter how much the customer gets on the nerves :)
  • Nothing. It's in a bucket of throwaway terms like "have a good day". Which are said by people who must say something instead of having something to say. If you're a business then you serve your customers as they are what keep you afloat. Whether it's "good" or "bad" is subjective as some cretins want far more than they deserve. Being helpful and polite to customers is down to the personality of the individual. Something the business has little control over.

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