• I hate it. Refuse to talk to people who use it. Didn't put up with "text speak" in high school, I sure as hell am not going to put up with it now. If you're that lazy you're not worth my time. It's not like we're charged by word like with telegrams.
  • Sometimes there's not enough space available to correctly say what needs to be said, so abbreviation can prove helpful. Use of it doesn't bother me :)
  • I don't mind it. There's only a limited amount of txt one can put in a message. But it bugs me when it's used out with a txt message.
  • I believe that if it's too long to say in a text message, then I should use the telephone for its intended purpose and call. Personally, I can't stand seeing text abbreviations used outside text messages. It's vulgar.
  • Outside of texting or IM-ing, "text talk" annoys me. If it's not important enough to actually use the full words, then it is probably not important enough to mention. (Although I do find myself using the "LOL" and "LMAO" when I think something is funny. I guess some people probably find that annoying as well.)
  • I do find it annoying. I work in IT and I have co-workers who don't know any of the abreviations. We wonder if people even know how to spell.
  • The world becomes more beautiful and interesting because of all the differences we have, NOT what we all have.
  • It seems to crop up everywhere and for little reason, meaning not because people don't have room to speak in whole worlds. So I find it annoying and often rude, maybe people are just lazy and always seem to think their time is the only time that is important, so if you don't understand it or it takes others some time to decipher, it's our fault because they are busy people.
  • i try not to sweat the small stuff. the text messaging jargon, lingo, etc. doesnt bother me. i actually enjoy the brain tease and figuring out what the abbreviations stand for or what the jargon means in the context of the message. but i personally dont abbreviate often with the exception of LOL or other universally known, oftused internet speak for clarity purposes.
  • There are other things i find more annoying.
  • its annoying, that is why i got a phone with a full keyboard. the only time i shorten things are bc (because) and ppl (people) and thats only every once in a while.
  • I use it when I text it's just easier
  • I like people to use words, WHOLE words and nothing but whole words.
  • I abhor texting. It reinforces the loss of the English language. It is intended to save time, but it has unintended consequences of actually costing more time and confusion. Just pick up the damned phone and SPEAK with someone. There is less likelihood of misinterpretation. ;-)
  • I love using text message jargon.....but I think it annoys alot of people, since they they me alllll the time when I use it!! So for this answer I didn't use any, so that I wouldn't annoy you! lol
  • It irritates me...a lot! I can appreciate the some text abbrevaitions are necessary to fit all you need to say in one message. However, this is not necessary in e mails!
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like texting. I think it's for teenagers. If you want to type something just send me an email...good grief! I once received the most disturbing news through text once and that really turned me off. I'd removed the service initially when I bought my cellphone, but still people were able to send me messages and I was being charged. Personally, I prefer to have an adult exchange with a person where I can hear their voice influction when I talk to them.
  • Hi Ron Berue! Nice name. And, you're welcome. Take care. Hakku (smile)
  • i doesn't bother me as long as i understand it.
  • I don't mind receiving it in a text because they are usually short, but I can't stand it anywhere else. I don't like to struggle to read something that someone couldn't be bothered to take the time to write in plain english.
  • I believe wholeheartedly in typing out words, capitalizing and punctuating. It just makes things so much easier when I can read what was written easily and not have to translate "txt tlk" into actual English.
  • I think it ultimately has the same effect as profanity. You end up using it often enough to substitute for something that takes intelligence to think of that you eventually become dumber. There's a report on the 3rd page of the .pdf file of this link:
  • Unfortunately it's becoming rampant on AB and what's most annoying is not so much the occassional kid that doesn't realize how dumb it is, but the adults who back them up confusing it with freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is not the same as being lazy, insulting and unable to communicate properly. The kids who don't understand why this sort of thing is unacceptable outside of a text message, are the very ones who most need to learn how to communicate clearly and effectively and should not be indulged or humoured when they use text speak inappropriately. Those adults who encourage them do them a great disservice. See here for example:
  • U M33N W3N PPL TYP LYK DIZ D0NCHA NO I2Z DA WY D3Y TLK NW!!!!1111 Seriously, reading garbage like that makes my skin crawl with revulsion. To me, how a person types represents their IQ and level of erudition. If they type like the above, I will treat everything they say with a pound of salt.
  • My old boss at my old office job would automatically put a resume with text lingo into the paper shredder because he called it a form of laziness. My old high school teacher, who is in her 70s and still teaching, would automatically give a student a F (also known as a failing mark) on their school papers if they used it because she didn't have 2 hours per paper to sit at the school library computer and decode the lingo. I do use Instant Messaging programs on my laptop but I don't use text messaging on my cell phone. I do think that people that use it are too lazy to type it out in full. I personally don't use it.

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