• The worst drivers in the world are in Lanzarote, Canary Islands and I've got to cope with them every time I go out. Lane discipline is unknown; speed limit and no entry signs are just ornaments; horns are for telling any friends that you see that you are going to stop in the middle of the road to have a conversation with them, and I haven't worked out the system behind indicators, it seems to be use them when they give no information to other drivers and don't use them when they would actually tell somebody something. And the tourists are even worse, especially the Brits, who aren't used to driving on the right.
  • asian-_-
  • i like the uh squinty eye thing you got there LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The blind race.
  • as dice once said about Asians....anyone who can be blindfolded with dental floss should not drive.
  • Qwuestion? YOU SAID QWUESTION! What you got? A Motherfucking Speech defect!. Seriously the Worst Drivers are the Slazenger Series....everything goes Right!
  • Inuit based on number of good drivers (there aren't a lot of Inuit drivers compared to other races).Oh and moles!

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