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  • 6th grade is young. Just hanging out and being friends is the best thing you could do.
  • 6th grade? Oh my I have a daughter in 5th grade and the last thing she is even thinking about it dating a boy. Just be friends with her and have fun.
  • I made the mistake of dating at a young age, don't be like me! I would wait until at least the 9th grade.
  • you are way to young to date
  • OK i have been hurt and i have learn the ways of "love" and i pass to you the lessons of my pain: 1. Never ask "what if?" if you go for it and get rejected then BAM you know what is, if she says yes you WIN, no...then what have you lost? nothing! 2. you could be silly and shy but i recomend just being blunt. cut the romance(unless you lauch the attempt at valentines season) and just ask if she would like to go to jack in the box.(6th grade is not the time to be fancy...just thoughful) 3. take it slow. if she is spending time with you, your winning. dont push for more and risk what you have. let her control the relationship to avoid being at fault. 4. dont drop the "love" word for a while, it is too strong and scary. use "enjoy" i enjoy spending time with you,: i love the hair the only safe way to drop the l-bomb. 5. dont get too attached...this relationships never last and at best can be considererd as a test, trial and error. dont expect her to marry you, she is just your first relationship and let her know (not immediatly) that you love and appreciate her. not my wisdom but time tested knowledge: 6. and sometimes it is better to "remain silent and be thought a fool, rather then open your mouth and prove it" so dont get too arrogent. love is like a butterfly: hold on too tight and you crush it, too loose and it will sleep with all your friends.
  • You're in 6th grade? Aren't you a bit to young to be access to this site? and also you're way too young to be dating. What would your parents have to say about this?...
  • I had my first crush in 6th grade, never got the nerve to ask him out though. if i were you id listen to's answer. [:[:
  • 6th grade?! And you arent the father of 2 or more children?
  • WOW 6th grade? I agree with Tehani just be friends for w ahile... maybe until 8th or 9th grade?
  • Wait a bit. I know it seems like forever until you are grown up, but hurrying now will only spoil what comes later. And even when you do start dating, take a page from your great-grandparents and go out in the company of a group and stay in safe, public places for the first year or so.
  • Usually natedog, I will boo when people try to advice young love to go away and come back another day. But not this time. Only because I saw too many guys and girls like you when I went to school. Don't be in a hurry to grow up. Once you start to date your whole childhood starts to circle the drain. You will start to care more about what other people think of you than about having a good time with your friends. Play your games, hang out with your friends and go do some crazy fun stuff on a swing. Life will quickly change once you start to date. Your friends may or may not approve of your girl and she will be the same. You will have to decide do you take her to a movie or go bowling with your pals. And no one likes feeling like a third wheel, so they won't like hanging with your girl. Keep her as a friend for now. You can tell her you like her but you don't want to date anyone till you are at least 14. If she really likes you she will still hang out with you and wait. If she doesn't feel the same she will let you know that friendship is all she wants.

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