• I knew you were gonna ask that. Now, I would tell you the answer but I know you won't believe me anyway. And in response to your next question, NO, I have never seen a racoon eat its weight in hotdogs and then get sick all over the neighbors cat. You do lead an interesting life but please, we don't need all the details.
  • Yeah, and you should be ashamed of yourself! ;)
  • An aspie who reads minds. Now, that would be something!
  • Yes, and I know you are just wondering whether this answer is really making sense. But it does! Because if you were not just wondering this, you would not have read my answer up to this point.
  • hmm? yes i guess after they say srusly yes...sumetimes.. and that guy seems to be thinking of killing that lady... "911 yes id like to...." i can also see through windows.. and walk through walls awesome huh ?

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