• He's saying that his generation isn't the ones that f**ked up the world, and that it was the Man of his time.
  • The lyrics are a string of historical facts. I think it is mostly about We (his generation? or America?) didn't start all that is going on in the world, all the strife and warfare, but we need to work to end things, to bring peace to the world. It's a kind of protest song. It was released in 1989, and it just takes a few quick glances at the morning news to see how effective it has been 18 years later.
  • The fire of desire.
  • "I didn't do it, and I'll never do it again" sort of approach :)
  • I think it is not only about his generation, but also about all generations. Even if you didn't break it, you should work to fix it.

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