• No. Why would you? Wouldn't that slow you down even more?
  • You are my freaking hero. No, but I've wanted to. MANY times.
  • Where you in a
  • Yes. I used to run and some people would just keep on walking straight into me on my side of the route. I nearly broke someone's shoulder, but it was his fault for looking at me defiantly and walking directly towards me. Too bad. Let them have the bruises. Maybe they will think twice before they do it again.:)
  • Good for you. :) When I was in the Navy I was about 6', 200 lbs. Some guy that was about 6'1" and weighed about 280 wasn't watching where he was going and bumped into me. Because I anticipated the collision I was able to give him a single-leg sweep and knock him down to his knees. He looked around in bewilderment and couldn't figure out what had happened. That was most amusing and quite satisfying. :)
  • I've got a rule. If somebody walks in front of me, doesn't move and generally acts like an idiot, I'm allowed to push them. I use that at school a lot. You just have to shout 'move' and if they don't, you say 'Oh for fuck's sake' and walk into them. I've got sharp elbows, they help.
  • No, I have good brakes. But I've REALLY wanted to do this sometimes :)
  • thats why i try to avoid shopping malls and fairgrounds AHHHHHHH!
  • I don't think so. As long as they don't hit me, it doesn't really bother me.
  • I usually say "excuse you" and move on...
  • No...but good idea! :)
  • No, but I've almost plowed into a few morons who think *I* should stop just for them since they're #1. Blah.
  • I find that little kids (10 and under) walk or run accross your path in crowds. I will sometimes run into them because I either can't stop in time or I don't see them (they're too short.) You don't have to do it on purpose, it just happens. I have been tempted with an adult but have always stopped in time. It is annoying.
  • I just start "accidentally" stepping on their heels :) Used to do it at my highschool, people move when you scuff up their nikes. One time though, I drove into one of those dead towns that sleep at 6pm? And there was a car, stopped at a stop sign in the middle of an intersection. NO ONE WAS AROUND!!! I didn't want to honk, because one i was scared of the houses around me (confederate flags, scarecrows in july) and two because I don't like honking when it's really quiet. So I inched up on this car and bumped it from behind, which woke the driver up and he just abruptly took a left into a dead end LOL
  • No kdp..but I'm a little old lady. The way things are these days someone might just haul off and deck me! :) ((hugs))
  • no, and id be careful about doing stuff like that, its a good way to get someone really mad at you

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