• he can, if he wants to.
    • pugwashjw65
      Jehovah God never leaves heaven... His son, Jesus, DID.
  • god does not have to eat if he chooses..he his a supernatural being and he doesnt need anything..he his fully independent on himself, he stands alone, there is none like him, he is the first of his kind.,. ..he does not lock anything.however every living being he creats as to eat..why his this ? well because he made us,.. unlike him..we are not god. but we are made by him which make us dependent on him..look at us humans..we have to eat everyday..that is our fuel that keeps us going..if we dont eat, then our body becomes weak and sick. but if we eat then we feel strong and healthy..but god does not have to eat. only if he chooses..he cannot die. he is imortal, he is a eternal being. every being he creats as to eat, including is son jesus and the the bible it says that god feed the angels with supernatural corn.
  • You better hope not because your next question would have to be where does god poop.
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      In a Golden toilet that not even Donald Trump could afford. lol
    • Mircat
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Just like your lolo answer that is not taken seriously. Too funny!
  • NO. He is spiritual... He was never in the flesh...that was Jesus his son... Whom Jehovah God SENT. (Exodus 6:3) And I used to appear to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as God Almighty, but with regard to my name Jehovah I did not make myself known to them. (Mark 9:37)
  • Your the script writer. What it'll be?
  • God is a spirit; spirit persons do not have physical bodies. They do not have the same functions or needs as humans. He doesn't need to eat, sleep, drink, rest, etc.
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Exactly: "spirit persons do not have physical bodies" to eat what's natural."
  • God only eats spiritual food. The Christian notion that after death, man will eat and drink once again is not a new concept. The Bible talks about many mansions in God's Kingdom. (John 14:2) To eat spiritual food is to strive for the supernatural. Numbers 28:2 "Command the children of Israel, and say unto them, My offering, and My bread for My sacrifices made by fire, for a sweet savour unto me, shall ye observe to offer unto Me in their due season."
  • Only in Italian Bolognese restaurants!
  • He eats yams and tofu, so that he can "onara" when Christians kiss his "Ketsu'.
  • God is Absolutely complete
  • i dont think so, hes not human like we are

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