• The Sears Tower.
  • Gateway Arch 630 (Some dont considered this a building) One Metropolitan Square 593
  • wal-mart
  • The Pentagon.
  • our local grain elevator
  • The CN Tower.
  • kings park psychiatric center its abandon now though
  • Empire state building as of now!
  • Hanger # 1--Lakehurst New Jersey USA Naval Air Station. They used to park the Hindenburg in it. It is now a National Historic Site.
  • John,down the road has got the biggest barn around these parts.That thing could fit 30 cows,23 pigs,and 67 chickens,on a good day.
  • The US Bank Tower in downtown LA: 1,018 feet.
  • The Steel Building in Pittsburgh
  • The Falkirk Wheel.. well it has a building next to it so im going for that!! :)
  • The old bank, it is a two story building even.
  • A grain mill. The next tallest would be a 2 story house down the road.
  • 1) If you consider a tower to be a building: "The Olympiaturm in Olympiapark, Munich has an overall height of 291 m and a weight of 52,500 tons. At a height of 190 m there is an observation platform as well as a small rock and roll museum housing various memorabilia. Since its opening in 1968 the tower has registered over 35 million visitors (as of 2004). At a height of 182 m there is a revolving restaurant that seats 230 people. A full revolution takes 53 minutes. " Source and further information: 2) "The Uptown Munich building (German: Hochhaus Uptown München) in Munich is with a height of 146 meters currently the highest skyscraper of the city." Source and further information: 3) I assumed that the question asked for the *tallest*. Here some of the *largest* buildings: "The Munich Residenz, the largest building in Munich’s Altstadt and not to be missed on a visit to Munich in your German hire car, was the residence of the dukes and kings of Bavaria for more than 400 years. A sumptuous palace demonstrating the wealth and power of the Wittelsbach dynasty, the Munich Residenzis decorated in a fusion of styles, from Renaissance to rococo, providing plenty to see on a visit in your German hire car while in Munich. The Schloss Nymphenburg is one of Germany’s largest baroque palaces, set in beautiful parkland and just 15 minutes from down town Munich in your German hire car. " Source and further information:
  • I actually thought they were called "Wal-Mart" over there. I know a little about Tesco from business classes, how does it compare to Asda?
  • Blackpool tower.
  • Milad tower. It's the tallest tower in Iran and they say that it is the fourth tallest tower in the world:
  • There's a cell phone tower and the town water tower. They're about the same size. Nothing else above 2 stories within 7 or 8 miles, except barns and silos.
  • The tallest building in Arizona is the 40-story Chase Tower, which rises 483 feet and was completed in 1972.
  • i live in dc... nothing in town can be built taller than the capitol building... it's a pretty flat city... however, across the potomac are some really nice tall buildings in arlington, va...
  • In my "area?" LOL! I live in a town of about 500 people. There's a resturant in the "business section" of town that actually has a second floor! Is that what you mean? I think the water tower is about four stories high, but the only ones who go up there on a regular basis are high schoolers with paint-buckets! Heh!
  • I live on quite a small island and the tallest building by far is the Arrecife Gran Hotel, at 15 storeys.

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