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  • Yo already answered your own question, it is psychological. Maybe you should go see a doctor.
  • your chi is not flowing freely. and the symptoms you are experiencing are psychosomatic. your body is holding negative energy in your stomach. this blocked/congested energy can cause physical ailments, including gastrointestinal inflammation and pain. when experiencing anger/pain, a lot of energy floods the liver area and then shoots up to the head, so it makes sense that you would be feeling numb there in the "pit of your stomach". i would recommend a couple things for your well being. first, i would consider meditating. the root of your problems is mental, emotional, and spiritual, not physical. prior to meditating, i ask for guidance from my spiritual guides. in your situation, i would ask for forgiveness for yourself and others. forgiveness truly heals all wounds. i found that when i imagine myself glowing in a golden/white healing light and sending out pink love energy to others, sometimes small ailments "magically" disappear. it might seem silly at first, but i would talk to your organs - specifically your stomach and liver. tell the soul, mind, and body of your stomach and liver that you love them. tell your stomach and liver that they have the power to heal themselves and they have the power to heal you. tell them to do a good job. and thank them and your spiritual guides. during your meditation picture your stomach and liver as being "light" and transparent". secondly, i would recommend specific self healing techniques that focus on the affected areas of your body. if you are interested i would pick up a copy of soul mind body medicine by dr. zhi gang sha. it was a nyt bestseller and he is truly one of the most amazing healers i have ever known. theres nothings wrong with you. you are only human. namaste. :D

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