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  • Why do you wanna know that? Believe me you don't.
  • yes I want to know that. tell me
  • Cock & Ball torture or CBT as it's sometime known is exactly what it sounds like, torture of the cock & balls. It can be self inflicted or be done by a partner. The number of things that can be done to the cock & balls is only limited to ones imagination & how safe it is & how for you are willing to go. Just a few things that can be done are wipping squeezing punching tying up with rope piercing waxing can all be done to the cock & balls, but please note they can be broken. But I enjoy doing all of these things to my cock & balls 7 quite alot more.
  • My wife once injected 500ml of saline into my ball sack to see how big she could get it & she loved it so much when she bounced up & down on it when she was on top whilest screwing

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