• Yes, for after dropping big coin helping out the every day man with bailout fall out, I would be back to eating my Cup of Noodles. And yes, this effort of mine would mean that I would step in for the taxpayers and take one for the country. :)
  • I like ramen!!
  • I don't have as much as Gates, but am doing ok and I still like Mac and Cheese. Money hasn't changed my taste in food, although eating out is always nice (at a restaurant...get your mind out of the gutter):))
  • Of course I would...I'd just eat more! (thanks to the Bare Naked Ladies for that one)
  • I've never cared for ramen noodles, but I do like Mac n Cheese. I don't see why I would stop eating it if I had more money.
  • I don't have as much a Gates; but I still don't eat Kraft Mac n cheese or Ramen Noodles. Mac and cheese are good just don't eat them Ramen Noodles are full of MSG (monosodium gludamate) which is very bad for your health. If you have Alzhymers in your blood line family there is a better than 80% chance of triggering the desease in you. I do and I am careful and read labels.

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