• The little luxuries, as I no longer have the big splurges.
  • It has been a long time since I've had a big splurge, so I'm going to go with the little luxuries.
  • I would say the little splurges...How could i possibly live without salons?!
  • Definitely the little luxuries. I never have enough "extra" for the bigger splurges!
  • It's easy to give up those little extras like haircuts or shapmoo when you have to.
  • If money got any tighter I'd have to give up eating. Gave up little luxuries and big splurges long ago. Once and awhile we'll go for a little splurge. You know, a bit of seafood every now and then maybe.
  • "If" money got tighter? LOL! Hey, it's been tight for a long time for me already. I gave up big splurges ages ago, and there are rarely any little luxuries either. I'm a travel consultant, and I haven't been on a plane in over 4 years...and in that time, I've only had a 3 day weekend in Branson (we live in St. Louis, so it's just a few hours drive). I'm not sure how much more we could give up!
  • ive been careful for 3months now, and am getting used to it sometimes i treat myself with some little luxuries ha!
  • It would be difficult to give up either one. The big splurges are rare so those would probably be the easier to give up.
  • Money has become tighter, MUCH tighter, It was hard not to pay one of my bills for the first time in my life recently. REALLY tough!
  • Definitely the little luxuries.
  • It would be harder to give up the little luxuries because they occur more than the big splurges.
  • The little luxuries because in my case, they are actually more expensive than the big splurges when they pile up. They are also harder to track down.
  • I’m not sure my wife and I have ever been able to afford a “big splurge,” and I know the family she grew up in certainly didn’t. So yeah, it would be the little luxuries.
  • Cut all your credit cards in half and throw them away. Plastic is one reason the nations country is in this position. People are issued credit cards and cannot make ever the minimum payment. I pay only cash. If i do not have the cash, i do not have the luxury item.
  • Little luxuries....would die without my daily latte
  • Hi Galeanda! I would say the little luxuries. I could put it in my mind that the big ssplurge would come later, but I'd have to change my quality of life to give up my luxuries.
  • Harder to give up the little luxuries, because I hardly ever splurge! About a year and a half ago, money was really tight for me so I gave up my HBO & Showtime and went back to basic cable. I got rid of "call waiting" on the phone and all the extras. It was hard then, but now that I could probably afford to have them again, I just as soon do without and tuck that extra money in the bank.
  • Big splurges, I've been able to drop all my things and go before.
  • if my money got tighter, i would spend more. hear me out...i believe in the law of attraction. closing off the financial conduits, feeling fear, worrying about money, limiting spending...those are all surefire ways to attract financial hardship. to attract money & success, you need to spend money (albeit not recklessly ~ ie dont put it all on red unless youre willing to take that kind of risk). by spending you are sending out positive "money" energy that will attract more of the same. or if you dont have much money to spend, visualize getting a lot of money and imagine yourself spending it on that dream. focus on that happy feeling and opportunities will "materialize out of the blue". seize those opportunities and realize your dreams... trust me, it works.
  • It won't be easy but I'll just get into a frugal way of life and do without luxuries.

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