• Yes, madam I dont answer those question that I dont get it. Ok I love you
  • Ive noticed both religion and politics to be very touchy topics. For a long time, I did my best to stay away from them. But, lately, Ive been finding it amusing to dabble in the arts, and stirr up the troll soup. Its quite entertaining!
  • The only stupid/bad question, is a question not asked. As for "Poligion" (Get it, get it, I mashed together Politics and Religion into one word. I crack myself up sometimes) Anyhoot stay away from them unless you want a headache, to many close minded, stuborn people. Plus I find answerbag way more enjoyable, when you come on here for fun and not "Poligion" (I crack myself up)
  • I like to ask and answer questions on politics and religion because that way I get to hear other people's opinions. People sometimes get too preachy or offended, but that is the beauty of the internet, no one knows who you really are unless you want them to.
  • Yes, there are. I have to grit my teeth not to answer ALL CAPS ANSWERS. I also have to stay away from questions from people who ask whether they can get pregnint, pregant, preggo, preggers, pergnant, etc, from their b/fs when they "cum" inside them. Also, the ones that aren't questions, or are jibberish. There are a few more, but those are the ones that really challenge me to keep my mouth shut. OH!!! And the ones like this: my dog got run over by a car and is bleeding bad from his mouth. What should I do? What is making him bleed? I find it the hardest to stay away from those.
  • *Very* useful new rule! ;-)
  • Maybe I should not answer too many question about myself, a little mystery should be kept...
  • I use to avoid political questions because I got so many DR. But now the DR don't bother me and I just go ahead and answer them. I've noticed that the positive points on my answers far outweigh the negative ones! I say go ahead and give your opinion. Don't change yourself for anyone.
  • I never answer a question that I can't give a good answer to....actually, I don't even follow that rule.
  • You Shouldn't feel that way... Never let them see you sweat doll. I understand completely and like I always say; "Chose your battles." because sometimes it isint worth it in trying to get anyone to see any kind of reason over their dogma and their nonsense. But you have an opinion and a voice and you are allowed to have it. never allow the religious to bully you because after all... God, is not religious. Man is. and God will even the keel in the end, when those who only assume that they are righteous, will hear... "Depart from me, I never knew you." Which is why... in most religions, the book of revelations is almost never touched on or discussed in churches with any kind of understanding or insight as to how it effects the religion they too belong to.
  • But sex, politics, and religion are three most interesting topics. We Westerners have our Freedom. Let's use it. If others are offended, that's their problem: particularly if they are on the internet. :-)
  • the questions about pills and drug tests can be easily avoided.

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