• You can temporarily treat the ear mites by soaking a cotton ball with mineral oil and swabbing the ear canal.
  • Here you go, hope this helps
  • I have 8 cats and a dog...argh... vets are too expensive for me at this time so I will try it for sure.... By the way, if anyone is interested, I have learned that if your pet gets eye infections a great home remedy is a used tea bag rubbed over the eye area several times a day. It works for me EVERY time!! Try to catch it early though before it gets out of hand. :) Jamey
  • I believe in using this home remedy. You'll need: Vitamin E Sogtgels & Almond Oil Vitamin E softgels you can find at Walmart for $2.00 Almond oil you can find at food market like Kroger. You use 50-50 of each, and rub it into the dog/cat, or whatever animal you have, ears. You can put it all the way in the canal. It seems to suffocate the ear mites, and they die. It also heals the wounds caused from scratching.
  • It is necessary to pour the oil on the mite and gently turn it counter-clockwise until it releases its tentacles.

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