• mane n tail works well
  • Is she bald? Or does her hair just not "grow"? If she's bald, you'd probably need to see a dermatologist or other doctor. If it just doesn't seem to be growing, I would suggest taking better care of her hair, such as getting it cut on a regular basis to prevent breakage or, as suggested already, a good conditioning product, such as "Mane n Tail". I'd be more hesitant about this particular product, as it tends to be rather heavy and more difficult to wash out, and 6 year olds generally do not have very thick hair. It may wind up making her hair look greasy. By saying "take better care of her hair", I'm not implying that you aren't doing a good job. It's just that all hair grows at a pretty standard rate, unless there is a biological impediment. Most of the time when people think that hair is not growing regularly, it is really just the weak or dry ends of the hair breaking off, preventing the hair from getting any longer, even though it is still growing. This can be overcome through both topical treatments, like scalp-invigorating shampoos and hair strengthening conditioners. Check with your stylist to find out which ones would be best for her hair type. They may even be able to tell you if it is indeed something physical, like breakage, or not. If there's no sign of rough, broken or split ends or nothing seems to be doing the trick, I'd still see a doctor about it. Good luck!
  • There are many oils you can use for hair growth, each with their own specific effect.Coconut oil is very useful for hair growth. It also conditions the hair so it grows longer faster. Olive oil helps to make your hair strands stronger and prevent hair fall. The other oils are jojoba, mustard and neem oil which is very useful for hair growth.

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