• Yes and I think local and state police should verify legal status for at least everyone arrested and preferably everyone detained.
  • Of course, illegal aliens are mobile they don't just stand around waiting for the INS to nab them.
  • Yes. There is no similarity at all.
  • I'm not from the States by your reference to Gestapo seems a little harsh. Apples and oranges kind of thing.
  • I'm not going to debate individually with people on here that think it is ok. But what business does the INS have stopping people and setting up checkpoints 30-60 miles inside of the united states? How long is it before we have stop points everywhere and have to "show our papers" like they did in the Police states of germany and such? What happened to the constitutional right to travel freely? Fascism is slowly sneaking into our country and everyone is falling for it. It was once said "those that give up freedom for security deserve neither freedom nor security." I also find it funny people fall for the idea that this is to stop illegals entering the country when we turn right around and allow them medical, welfare and other social services which don't help to deter them coming here.
  • This is a hot potato issue, which has no easy answer. I personally don't mind showing an I.D. wherever I travel..I have zero problem with it. Some people whom I love and respect have a great deal of trouble with it..they consider it invasion of privacy. I do not. You see, no easy answers here. :)

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