• they sell some things go to gnc and buy weight gainer its a protein shake.It tastes good if you add herseys chocolate.
  • well how tall are you? I mean I could be 20 years old and weigh 50 pounds, If its like that I need to be short. Really short. like 4 feet. Take protein shakes or buy those canned powder stuff that you eat to gain weight.
  • I agree, you need to start drinking a lot of protein shakes and maybe visiting a personal trainer to help you with bulking up your muscle mass.
  • Give it time. When I was 13 I was so small most of the girls could beat me up. When I was 15 I grew 6 inches in one year. I'm now 24 and I reached a height of 6'2 1/2" and a weight of 180 lbs.
  • Try – Ensure –a high calorie drink that is full of vitamins and calories that you drink, with every meal you eat. That way, (is better than eating garbage to put on the weight) you eat—but--- you are adding a little extra calorie intake to put on weight. It worked for me. ===
  • eat the maximum amount of servings from every food group everyday, to gain weight the healthiest way. weight training will help, ease up on the intensity during any aerobic exercises.
  • ..Continued.. I weigh 70 pounds and i'm 4'11" tall...what next..i dont think shakes would work cause i eat constantly, i'm full for 5 minutes then im hungry again..HELP! please??
  • Eat super healthy foods, and if you take protein and Kreatin (don't know how to spell it, sorry) shakes as recommended as well as working out usually w/weight training. *You don't want to lift super heavy weights; It's better to use light weights and be able to do several reps and THEN go up a bit in weight.
  • Eat protein-steaks,burgers,chicken and you'll get buff and tall and strong thats waht i did
  • If you are healthy and have no underlying health problems be happy and enjoy the fact that you can eat just about anything you want too. I'm sure you will put on weight within the next couple years. I was the same ...
  • Eat more often and add more fat and protein in your food. Do not drink water before meal. Drink milk.

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