• I think I'm becoming complacent. I've let some good job offers go because I'm comfortable with my present job (easy tasks, very near our home, etc.). That's why I've decided to accept a new job. Next month, October, I will not be very active on AB because I will be having a new job. I gotta take that risk. I don't want to rot in my current job.
  • I'd say bolder. So often I think..."I wish I knew this back when I was a kid! If I could go back in time knowing what I know now, but be that younger age!
  • I think a little of both. On the one hand, I am not afraid to speak my mind if I see something wrong, or voice my opinion, or debate someone, because I am getting wiser as time goes on, and I'm much more articulate now than when I was in my 20s. On the other hand, being more mature now, I find myself more calmer and "level-headed" in "crisis situations." I don't fly off the handle anymore and react quickly. I am more laid back. Not every problem is something to pick on. I don't know if that is being "complacent", but it certainly is a sign of growing maturity. :)
  • the older I get, the more I am likely to tell you what I really think and what my opinion is. I used to agree with people just to keep I will tell you what I think. All my life I have let people run all over me and control me and as I get older, I have become very independent and I take very little crap.
  • More open about what I believe. Some may consider that to be bolder. Complacent? Moi? Naw! :)
  • I am bolder no the same time the little things don't eat at me...
  • Bolder,because I care less about what people think.Which can be interesting when you get "pulled over"for horseyback riding on your husband in a parking!
  • Both. I am bolder in that I realize I can be vocal about what I care about. Complacent in that I realize alot of crap is just not that important (hollywood, fads, drama).
  • I have always been quite complacent but as I am getting old I am becoming very bold, but it is fine as it seems to work with certain people. Best regards.

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