• I'd prefer wood myself if you can afford the good stuff. Don't go cheap with it. If you can't afford it go with tile.
  • Tiles are much easier to manage if u hav kids, easy to clean and faster. where as i think wood traps dust and dust is not good for once health.
  • I think wood flooring would be nicer, for my preference it depends on the scheme of your house as well.
  • We have wood in our kitchen and now we wish we had put in tile, at least around the sink area. The sink leaked and now our floor is coming up! : )
  • Have you considered laminate flooring??? You can make your laminate look like hardwood OR tile, it's cheaper than both, and it's safe for the environment. My aunt uses hardwood laminate in her kitchen and she loves it. Here are some links you can look at about laminate if interested:
  • Either is nice. Tiles are really easy maintenance and look good for years and years. Fabulous for food spills. But wood is easier on the pegs and warmer to the bare feet. We chose to put tile on both of the downstairs, including ktichen, dining, and hall. We ran a long oriental rug between the island the the main counter and just love it. This photo shows the tile and the smaller rug we tried at first.
  • Ceramic tiles just had some put down 2 weeks ago and i love them:-)
  • I've had to tear a lot of wood floors out of kitchens and bathrooms, due to moisture issues, as well as wear issues due to foot traffic, steam, and moisture. More than ceramic tile is available to maintain the rustic, country feel of your kitchen. You have a vast array of options, such travertine, tumbled marble, slate, terra cotta, and more. However, although these options are much more durable and reusable after a subfloor replaced, or in floor leak repair, there is some maintenance involved. a good stone sealer applied on a 6 month to yearly basis is crucial to retaining the beauty of the tile, as well as protecting the subfloor from moisture when water eventually seeps through the "naked" grout. Tiled floors in a kitchen or bath is much simpler to match a granite, travertine, tumbled marble, etc., countertop to bring the room together, and it retains it's value longer. also, spare tile for repairs can be kept in your garage indefinitely, without risk of warping due to weather extremes, and acts of God, unlike wood or laminates.
  • I currently have a wood floor. I think ceramic tile is superior
  • I actually have ceramic tile that looks like wood .... We live in a hurricane zone and can't afford to replace wood flooring or carpet all the time.... even the best of laminate wood floors don't take water real well so consider that .... even a spilled glass of water not attended to will swell the flooring
  • In a previous house I had 1/4 cut white oak throughout the entire first floor except for the bathroom. Loved it!!! Very little effort to keep clean and looking wonderful. Great during dinner parties as didn't show spots of water, sauces, etc. Only issue....dents from ladies high-heels if they had that little bit of metal poking through the black plastic/rubber cap. No dust issue as the seams are filled, and then a matte finish applied. No water damage issues and the house was 80 years old when we took up the linoleum and carpet off the wood. I currently have teakwood floors in four large rooms and it is really wonderful {built 1921}- wish it were in the kitchen. Not sure if you can even get teakwood anymore. Teakwood was often used as decking on ships. I'm looking at putting slate in our kitchen, but still undecided. Best wishes
  • If the heat is in the floor, ceramic tiles

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