• It will help you stay healthier. It may not necessarily make you loose weight.
  • That and eating well, eating less and, believe it or not, weight training
  • you know it does ,i did it over the summer it wotked great, all tho i woked a houre so i lost more
  • Probably not. Walking alone only burns about 225 calories an hour on a 200 lbs. person. If you want to really lose weight you'd have to walk for a considerable amount of time or increase your pace. A very brisk pace (say 3-4 mph) could potentially burn 500 or so calories. If you increase to a slow jog you can burn almost 900 calories in one hour. That is definitely a substantial workout. Losing weight is not easy. Never let anyone tell you that it is. Increasing your activity levels (like walking for 20 minutes) is a good way to get yourself started, but be sure to increase your load as much as possible if you truly want to lose weight. And remember your diet. That is by far your most important thing to concentrate on.
  • Walking 20 min. uses up about 140 calories. If you walk every day and not take in additional calories, you will loose weight, very slowly. But when you come home and drink one regular coke, you gained the calories you lost right back...
  • It won't help alot, but it will help. That is unless you do like me and walk for 20 minutes and then eat ice cream to cool off. Good Luck!
  • yes of course it would help but only a little bit............... but most important is to have an exercise ratio to match your food consumption to put in in perspective a top althlete eats nearly 20,000 calories a day - but that is ok because they exercise for 5 or 6 hours to burn off the calories eat less food = less than average exercise (less than 2 hours approx) eat normal food = normal exercise regime (2 hours a day approx) eat lots of food = high exercise routine (4 hours and more if required) good luck
  • Eating often.. like apple.. cereal...and very small ,meals plus adding ur water of 6 to 8 glasses and walking everyday for 30 mins does make a differnt... im a 52 year old female and i recently dropped 40 pounds from doing this for 6 months..... nutri system got me back on track to eating small meals and knowing what to eat again.. i added the exercise ... i do know i will have watch for the rest of my life to make my health.. just put my shoes on when i have time to head out the door before work or when i get up in the morning .. 30 mins... past very fast.. and if i dont have time for that i do 15 here and 15 there.. Im a believer ... first hand.. :)
  • Anything you do that uses up energy will help you lose weight.
  • Not only that but you have to eat healthy. Your diet should be under control also.
  • Revs up the metabolism for sure. Walk briskly if you can. That is what really jump starts the day. Also if you can add minutes to it that would be even better. Work up to a half hour and then 45 and then one hour. Walk fast and you will be toned and terrific.
  • it would go a long way to help, depends how much. if you want to dramatically reduce safely and gradually, eat what you normally do but 1/3 less
  • It won't help much unless you fix your eating habit first.
  • It could I suppose.
  • Not if your caloric intake is still more than you burn.

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