• my first son when he was 3 came into my bedroom and said there's a scary lady in the bathroom blew it off go back to bed, my second born son was the around the same age and repeated what my first born said, when i went in the room my oldest boy was sleeping and the fucking faucet was on in the bathroom, NO BULLSHIT
  • Yes. I have one living in my closet.
  • Yes I did.
  • no but i felt one
  • no,only on tv,but someday I hope to see a ghost! :D
  • No. Only on videos.
  • no! && i hope not to unless it isn't going to scare the living thing out of me. have u?
  • As a firm Christian I feel that I shouldn't have but alas I have. We lived in a nice little apartment and I was on the sofa when some movement caught my eye. I could see into my son's room from where I was and saw the movement originating there. As I watched the image of a small boy appeared to move into the doorway and stared at me a while, then turned and vanished on the spot. I was terrified. The next day my wife discovered some writing on the back of the door. It was a height chart for 3 children. They all only had names and ages except one that said "Charlie - almost 11" We started calling him "Almost Charlie" and my son reported seeing him several other times. We no longer live there but I will always remember the night I met "Almost Charlie"
  • Yes, my grandfather, my angel who looks after me.

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