• Honestly, I don't know. But whether it was a good "political" decision or not, it certainly would be the better decision for the country right now to deal with these issues in Congress. It's the "grownup" thing to do. I hope he follows through with it, even if Obama is left to debate himself. Some things are just more important than a political debate.
  • I don't know, but he is obviously trying to postpone a difficult debate. His ignorance on the economy was demonstrated by the fact that only a few days ago he was telling everyone that the economy was "fundamentally strong." So how he can help and why he needs to be in Washington remains a mystery!
  • for him, perhaps things will change a little by then you know... maybe the republicans will rebound or dems will dig themselves a hole like they usually do, but i would bet my money on this delay working FOR him :)
  • Definitely against him. Weather you are for or against him, you know that Obama is a much more charismatic speaker. He should have the debate as far back as he can so that Obama's charisma can have time to dissipate.
  • I think hes trying to postpone the debate because the topic will obviously be the economy and obama has already got a 5 point bump because of the financial mess in wall street. Its not a good time for him, it's a great time for Obama. We see that in the 180 McCain has taken on the economy. Some people think enough is enough. Time for some change. More than 600,000 Americans have lost their jobs since January. Home foreclosures are skyrocketing, and home values are plunging. Gas prices are at an all-time high, and we're still spending more than $10 billion every month on a war in Iraq that should never have been waged. John McCain's campaign is doing everything it can to focus attention on false personal attacks and distractions -- but there's too much at stake for that kind of politics.
  • Well, McCain probably feels it's more responsible (translated: Presidential looking) that Americans see that he's taking this financial crisis SERIOUSLY. If legislation is passed concerning the bailout, he'll be in a position to claim he played a big part in finding a solution of the problem, while Obama did nothing but stand idly by. -
  • I don't think it will help him at all most people are understanding this issue a run away from the debate, the political analysts have said so too. He is not in the committee for the bailout so there is truly nothing he can do about it. What is he going to do to help out? According to Republicans in the bailout committee Senator McCain should continue his campaign as he is of no help in the house.
  • I think most people would think it is working against him because things are heating up in the country with the economy and we are getting so close to the election. McCain may be afraid he may say something to give his opponent more votes so he doesn't want to chance it. I think after the Senate passes this bill this weekend, McCain will feel more confident and have a little bit more ammunition, so that's why I think he does have a reason to postpone. Obama, on the other hand, insists on it because the heat is on the last administration and McCain voted with Bush 90%. I think people are willing to understand both sides and watch to see how each one handles himself in a crisis.
  • Why shouldn't both Presidential Candidates be taking part in the 'bailout' negotiations when they are the ones who are going to be responsibile whether it wins or fails. This will be part of their legend. Regardless whether McCain debates Friday night or not, his first responsibility is that of a Senator. That is his current job. If it requires him to be in Washington, than so be it, that is where he should be. His decision to postpone the debate will undoubtedly be looked upon as avoiding the issue. However the debate topic was originally domestic issues but was changed at the last moment to forein policy neither of which pertains to the very important financial crisis. Guess one might say 'you can sure tell who is the leader and who wants to run and play when there is a crisis.' The following quote may be found at: After days of demanding that Sen. John McCain take a more forceful position in favor of a massive Wall Street rescue, Democrats reacted angrily to the Republican presidential nominee's attempt yesterday to inject himself into the negotiations over the legislation. But with tempers still flaring, Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, appeared to quiet the controversy with his announcement last night that after consulting with President Bush, he, too, will be in Washington today. After days of demanding that Sen. John McCain take a more forceful position in favor of a massive Wall Street rescue, Democrats reacted angrily to the Republican presidential nominee's attempt yesterday to inject himself into the negotiations over the legislation. But with tempers still flaring, Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, appeared to quiet the controversy with his announcement last night that after consulting with President Bush, he, too, will be in Washington today. "We got a good sense last night, even more so this morning," one top aide said. "Got in a position where Democrats were warily circling McCain -- not going to commit to a deal unless McCain does. It was just a time for leadership. So he just stepped up." McCain has been involved in difficult negotiations before. Some have been successful, such as his landmark campaign finance restrictions. Others have been protracted and painful failures, such as his overhaul of immigration law and his efforts to impose a federal settlement for tobacco lawsuits. But, Democrats said, he is no expert on financial markets, and his pugnacious negotiating style would not be helpful. Neither McCain nor Obama has said whether he will support a rescue package before seeing the final bill. But they have laid out conditions that are largely in sync: more transparency in the legislative process, more oversight of how the money is spent, a taxpayer stake in the participating firms so that a successful turnaround would help recoup federal money, and strict limits on compensation for executives whose firms get help.
  • According to all the political talk shows (excluding those who do the GOP spin), it is not working for him. It seems to indicate that he is incapable of doing more than one thing at a time..which is not good to admit, since multitasking is what a President does 24/7. We shall see, of course..we shall see! :) ((hugs))
  • McCain knows that he doesn't stand a chance debating Obama. He loses debates when he's the only one onstage, flip-flopping and contradicting what he said the week before to another audience. He's desperate, and now that Palin has been exposed as a Pentecostal rapture-ready airhead religious bimbo, it's "nearer my god to thee" for McCain. :) Check this video, just released by Palin's own church:'witch_hunter'/ They're fed up with her conniving, spinning, and manipulating. She makes me long for Hillary Clinton again. - More and more Republicans are getting wise to Palin and saying, "Thanks, Sarah, but No Thanks."
  • It looks like he is either not ready or incapable of standing up against Obama. Anyway he hasn't finished watching the George Bush tapes on public speaking yet....
  • After reading all the answers to this question, it's obvious to me that it is working against him at the moment. Here's my understanding as to what went on. Obama called McCain, to see if they wanted to put together a bipartisan statement regarding the economic situation. McCain campaign agreed, and before the campaigns had put together the statement, McCain comes out of left field saying he's putting his campaign on hold to go to Washington. Looks to me like McCain saw an opportunity to do something different than Obama (since he was now aware of what Obama's plan of action was) and decided to take advantage. I don't see how Obama or McCain can affect anything right now (as they are just Senators, still) with the exception of voting yes or no for the bill. The only way I could see putting off the debate based on this would be if the voting for the bill was scheduled during the same time.
  • Those who are already aboard the "Straight Talk Express" are going to say look at my guy -isn't he a take charge fellow. Those who think of it as the "No Talk Bus" will use this to make their point this guy does not want to go head to head with Obama or the press. There are 3 people who haven't made up their minds yet but they won't vote anyway.
  • Just from what I've been hearing/reading since this came up, in my opinion, I think that it is working against him. Why shouldn't they go ahead with the debate? It's not going to take away that much time from the matter at hand. I agree with what Obama said about a president has to be able to deal with more than one thing at a time. I say, go ahead with the debate, and then everyone can get together and work on this bailout situation. I mean, McCain has seemed out of touch, saying that the economy is fundamentally strong and that he considered that anyone who makes under 5 middle class (gee, I'm WAY below poverty level then..and should be getting food stamps!)? And then there was the issue of him not knowing how many houses he had? Not too many of us have more than one, and we struggle to pay the mortgage and utilities every month. Is he afraid he'll lose the debate? Or, is he trying to appear more "caring" by suddenly saying we need to concentrate on this economic crisis? I don't know...time will tell. I'd like to see them go ahead with the debate myself!
  • My cynical nature makes me question his motives. It's easy enough to suggest he's not ready, but I suspect it's just another attempt to position himself as a "leader" because he's "Putting the needs of the country before his own personal needs". I also suspect this is crap because he doesn't sit on any financial committees, and by his own admission he's not the big "Economics" guy. By putting his campaign on hold and postponing the debate, he's basically going back to Washington to pose for yet another photo op. And, of course, since most of his campaign managers are in fact Financial Industry Lobbyists it strikes me as being quite possible that THEY are needed in Washington now, much more than HE is.
  • if this bailout turns the economy around, and obama didnt seem like he wanted to put 100% into it and rather sit around and debate, he will loose.
  • hi, sweet T, babieeeeeeeeeeee ... how are you ... against him because the president has to multi-task ... that's what the american people expect
  • Regardless whose idea it was to postpone the debate, it is something that required the involvement and input of both Senator McCain and Senator Obama. Even President Bush requested them to be present at the White House meetings. After all one of them is going to have to live with the decision that is being made now. The American public are partially to blame for the state of the economy. They want to keep up with the Jones Family down the block who just bought a big new home with room for horses out in the county and a new Escalade SUV in the garage. People today and for the last 7 to 10 years have been living paycheck to paycheck and just barely making it. When an emergency came up they were devistated because they didn't have an emergency fund. These are the people who do not belong as Florida homeowners. They would not be able to afford the deductible on their homeowner's insurance in the aftermath of a hurricane. Their home would remain in a state of disrepair til they could afford it or try to obtain a loan.
  • Working for him
  • Well, I was watching The Daily Show last night, and he didn't really seem to know how to even participate in a debate, I'm sorry to say. He seems sort of like an intimidated person. I'm really not into politics, but this is something I noticed. He kept repeating himself, but not with confidence- it was more like a robotic trance. Don't mean to offend anyone, just my thoughts. ;)
  • I think the idea worked very bad for him as he seemed a bit cowardish. But the big question is 'What idea can they come out with for Palin to postphone?'

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