• Gotta be in the ninety percentile range........
  • I don't hate American, but there are definitely things about it I'd like to see changed. But I'm delighted to meet someone who seems to believe America is perfect. No financial crisis, no inferior education, no civil rights violations, no homelessness, no false imprisonment... Must be nice to live in such a perfect society! -
  • None. They just want to improve it.
  • I don't think they hate America. I think that they don't understand freedom or the dangers of socialism, which they are inviting.
  • ummm. i love my wife, BUT, i don't like every behavior that she does, like the yelling, remembering things i did or didn't do 30 years ago ... i think almost all people who will vote for senator obama are patriotic and love america. they just want, perhaps, to see the conservative cause return to the level of, say, richard nixon or dwight eisenhower, and not the more extreme approaches of george w bush. are there some kooks who hate america and who will vote for obama? well, out of 60 million people, it's likely there will be a few, i'd imagine less than 1%. i'd imagine that it's about the same percent as those who will vote for mccain. i'd also imagine that most people who hate america either don't live in america or, if they do, they probably won't embrace democratic principles like voting.

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