• Absolutely miserable! All the friendships were already formed, and alot of kids don't want to let "the NEW kid" into their groups. But, the worst is definitely high school! I went from knowing almost EVERYONE in my very popular high school (freshman year), to a new town, new school, sophomore year ... and, no matter how hard I tried, they just would not let me into their "cliques". I graduated with 3 REAL friends in school. I was very fortunate that I had made some fantastic friendships thru my job and church, and THAT helped me thru those rough years!
  • Most of my life I lived in the same town. Right up until I turned 14. Then I was bounced around foster homes. I attended six different high schools. I really only have one close friend. I made friends OK. But I probably could have done better.
  • I changed schools three times. When I lived up north, I went to a private Catholic school. When I first moved south, I went to a private school. By 7th grade, I was in public school because the public schools where I live are better than the private schools. It was actually really cool to have the three unique experiences. I really saw the full gamut in terms of levels of diversity in school and how these various experiences impact education. It was a difficult adjustment overall to move from north to south, but I'd like to think that I made the adjustment and ended up being quite happy with where I was. I then moved on to go to an in-state University, and I felt that the culmination of my academic experiences helped to get me there.
  • I moved many, many times. I went to over 10 different schools. It bites. You are always the 'new kid'. Fashions and trends are different at each school, so I learnt to non-dress. I just worn basic, un-noticable clothse. After a while you stop bothering to make friends. Why? You won't be able to keep them when you move again anyway. Some good things: I studied more. I realized that popular was not important. I realized that school is a very short part of a full life, learn, but prepare for the real world.

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