• your kidding. a 200 lb man vs a 100 lb child..come aint that hard to see
  • belittling her, putting her down, rude comments, ignoring her. That's just as harmful as physical abuse.
  • say mean things, being too hard on her, taking away privelages for stupid reasons, just being an uptight and overbearing parent. Alot of reason parents do that is because they let there own problems with themselves ruin there relationships with people.
  • Two women I know, one daughter was always told she would never be pretty enough to do the things she wanted to do in her life. The other was told she wasn't smart enough to do what she wanted to do. Both are screwed up in their own ways.
  • Undermining and controlling her. Mine told any boyfriend i had that i was on drugs and slept around (untrue) but all done in a very calm and sly way so that they believed him.
  • Bullying is not ok, it doesnt matter who is doing it! Parents need to show their children discipline without any sort of terror!
  • My daughter's father is a total bully. He calls our daughter lazy when she gets all "A's" and "B's" in school and if she comes to him for advice he is constantly telling her that he brought her into the world and he can take her out. She tries to talk to him in a calm and soothing tone and she wants him to be apart of her life but when she puts forth the effort he finds a ways to be negative. Last year my daughter had knee surgery and had to walk on crutches for several months. When her dad saw her on crutches he gave her the nick name "CRIPPLE GIRL" and he would even call her "CRIP". He never calls her by her name and it has brought our daughter's self esteem to a very low point. Every female he has ever been involved with has left him because of his bullying behavior and his unwillingness to listen to reason. He believes in getting in your face and pointing his finger at you. His own father has stated that he needs mental help but he refuses to see that there is a problem with him and only wishes to believe that everyone else has a problem.
  • Continually making big plans and getting hopes up and then cancelling them for no good reason at the last minute.
  • you dont

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