• because thats Gods plan. did anyone ask you why you did something your way?
    • ReiSan
      This is a feeble answer! God's plan is so goofy and sadistic.
  • Why is because of gods favourite angel had fallen from grace and was cast out to roam the earth, you see Louie Cypher had the whole world to play with, so god sent his first son to save us from our selves and not to fall into debt with Louie Cypher, for Louie was collecting on an unpaid bill.
  • Good question...but look at all the assumptions. Let me approach in a different way. I believe that 2000 years ago there lived a man we call Jesus Christ. He had a message that was taken into the hearts and minds of many people and the message has survived, more or less intact to the present. The message suggests that if we follow a lifestyle we will enter "heaven", where His Father lives. I interpret the message to say that if I love my brothers and sisters (gay and straight and every color of the rainbow, and all variations)and live a proper life I will ultimately be rewarded. There have been other, similar messengers (Mohamed, Buddha, Confucius, etc) who delivered somewhat similar messages. I would say we "needed" them because we haven't yet learned the message. So it would be us, you and me, who required the messenger so we could learn. We continue to ask "why" and ignore the answers that have been staring us in the face. Maybe it's time for another messenger?
  • Because when Adam fell he took on a sin nature. That sin nature is passed down from Adam to us today through our lineage. Therefore "All have sinned." God because of His holy nature cannot allow sin in His presence, it would violate His being. God wants to have fellowship with us, but because of our sins we can't. Our sins also demand punishment, just as the murder deserves to pay for his crime, God demands justice for the sins we commit and have committed in our sin nature. Because we are of corrupted nature, we are unable to atone for our own sins and therefore need a worthy replacement, or we must pay the price ourselves. Because God loves us and wants to have fellowship with us, He reached out to men, offering Himself in human form as a replacement. The only way this would work, was if Jesus was born of a Virgin (bypassing the sin nature passed down through the man's genes). He also had to live a sinless life to be an acceptable sacrifice to God. It also required a blood sacrifice, because only blood could atone for the sins of men. That is why Abel's sacrifice was acceptable and Cain's was not. As a result, Christ HAD to die on the cross to pay for our sin debt. Finally, it required Jesus to conquer death. Which He did so that we might live through Him. I hope this answers, I would be glad to give more if you still wonder.
    • ReiSan
      So God is powerless to create sinless humans. He is a poor creator and illogical in blaming all humans for his own clumsiness as a creator. This is the goofiest story line I have ever seen.
  • its simply.SO WE WOULD NOT GO TO HELL.
  • yeah it seems kind of pointless huh? I mean if god makes the rules couldn't he have just snapped his fingers and wiped the slate clean? Who makes up the rules that he had to have a son who was the earthly/human embodiment of himself and send him to earth to die for our sins? Who makes this stuff up?! If god is all powerful and omnipotent couldn't he just make it all ok without all the confusing, pointless suffering and dying and confusion? But I guess if he could just snap his fingers and make it all better that wouldn't make for such guilt and good story telling huh?
  • God is not Jesus. Jesus is not God. Jesus never said he was the son of God in the bible. Men said that. In Islam Allah created us and now protects us. He does not save us, we have to save ourselves.
  • Because Adam, the 1st perfect man chose to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. When he did that he gave up immortality, (which nowhere is it implied cannot have a beginning, just no end) and his Birthright of Dominion over all of the earth. He surrendered that Dominion over to the serpent Lucifer. Now the wages of sin is death. The only way to restore the Birthright was to have another perfect man Jesus come to earth, die once for ALL sins. Then, and most importantly, be resurrected in a new perfect person without corruption of man, Mary was that connection. Being perfect and being slain by Lucifer was WHY Jesus came to earth. To restore the Birthright and ownership of earth and mankind to salvation through Jesus Christ. There could not be any other way to pay the wages of sin and death. Easy.
  • Jesus came to save the Jews from their sin addiction issues. Jesus said the sin game is over. no more sin. Jesus said he would be the last sacrifice. The perfect sacrifice to pay for all the Jew's sin.
  • Because man was subjected to original sin upon birth, due to the actions of the originally-created man/woman causing the fall of humanity from the grace of God (which is why Yahweh seems so much more pissed off than the Christian God); Jesus was sent to alleviate that through personal pain and suffering as a human, almost as a sort of divine penance for making life so miserable for people since the fall. "I know I've been hard on you, but I feel your pain, for real, and I want us to be closer." Holla' at-cha' boy, Deus!
  • first up, jesus is NOT Almighty God. Jesus is His son. And Jesus was SENT...He did not 'come' of his own. (Luke 10:16) “He that listens to YOU listens to me [too]. And he that disregards YOU disregards me [too]. Moreover, he that disregards me disregards [also] him that sent me forth.” HIM THAT SENT ME FORTH.... (John 8:18) I am one that bears witness about myself, and the Father who sent me bears witness about me.” ...father who sent me.... Jesus was a 'propitiatory' remove sin [ death] from us... This can only apply to living people...
  • The punishment for sin is death(ever lasting separation from God) God does not want us to die, but he is just and isn't going to over look our sins. He had to make a way for us to be with Him. His way was to come to Earth as a human and take that punishment for us. God loves us so much that He died so we would not have to. That does not mean we can run around Scott free doing as we wish. We must accept that sacrifice as our own and be repentant. So, the simple answer is God came to Earth and died so would not have to, if you accept it.
  • Hello, Holiday ! You ask why. The answer can be found in the last book of the Bible. If you're inclined to study it, that is. I'm sorry, being a Romanian I do not know the English name of that book. It's the one given to Joan as a revelation. In Romanian it is called The Apocalypse. It's the one that describes the end of the world. It tells there about the choice of the lamb. From Jewish symbolism, the purest, cleanest creature, the lamb was the only creature pure enough to pay, trough it's death for the mortal sins of the jews. The basic idea is that the spirit can become dead by defiling it with acts that are against love itself, such as hate, murder, carelessness, basically all that is felt as bad, evil. To clean the spirit of such weight and to restore it to the righteous state it's supposed to be in, one has to pay with his life. Or "a" life. The trick is that that life has to be pure enough to counterbalance the evil. God gave the Jews an... indulgence. A pure lamb, free form all taint or defect, could pay for the sins of a Jew. Defects were seen as punishment for some wrongdoing. A LOT of people argue that all this was ONLY for the Jews, the Jews themselves make this... discrimination, however, I have never heard or read anything that says that God or Jesus said that only Jews would benefit. Only men made this difference. God simply sais He only gives these secrets to His chosen people, the Jews, ignoring the rest, not that any other could not use the same rules. The ten commandments are clearly said to affect all humans. Anyhow... The chosen people, as us lovely humans usually are, have found a way to cheapen, ritualise and devalue this sacrifice of the lamb. Uttered a swear? Kill a lamb. Raped a woman? Kill a lamb. Killed someone? Kill a lamb. The very emotional weight and value, the actual loss and regret, the cleansing pain was removed from this act of the pure sacrifice. The killing of the lamb became useless. Now, there was no way to pay for the evil and spiritual fowlness of God's dearest creation. The rule of the lamb remained, but there was no "lamb" pure and precious enough, whose loss, pain and sacrifice would counterbalance the evil. The humans were damned. As inpure souls they were to have no means of ascension, weighed down by the evil they generated, living in a world that teaches of evil. No way out. This is where the text of the last book of the Bible shows a secret. Jesus offered His own sacrifice, acting as the pure lamb, to repay for all evil, past, present and future. A little detail I will not expand on but, that deserves mentioning. As spirit, humans are creations, Jesus, the Son, the Consecquence, is the result of God's existence. The very first act of existence of God resulted in Jesus. He was, as the Bible says, before all. If you want the symbolism, God is love, but Jesus is Love's effect. Being of divine nature, untouched by evil, His entity was, other than God's, the only one capable of wiping all mortal sin clean. Now we reach your question. Why did Jesus have to come to earth to save us? He din't "have to". There simply was no other solution. Either let the human souls rot in the impurity they have proliferated, or commit to the ultimate sacrifice. Be a man, the purest one, perform no evil, lead the one pure life under the law and, with the law observed, pay the only price that can be payed. The choice was His. There as no pressure, no deadline, no "if you don't", God could as well create other intelligent creatuers. New souls to evolve. We are, however, likenesses of God. To Him we are young, dumb children, learning to use the potty. So, knowing bloody well what He was getting Himself into, the absolute of all pain and suference (again I will not expand on this, it would take too long), He made up His mind and cose to pay the only price there could be payed. So, by choice, He became a man and... you know the rest. Toodles !!
  • The answer can be found in God's justice and God's mercy for the cross was the ultimate demonstration of both. Because God is holy and because God is just, sin must be punished. Even ONE sin is worthy of being sent to hell for. Christ came for one reason: "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever should believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life." Christ's substitutionary sacrifice for us on the cross has given us a remarkable opportunity. His death satisfied God's justice, holiness and wrath and if we but accept Him, it allows us to receive instead love, grace and mercy.
  • God Screwed up. He obviously didn't expect Adam and Eve to eat the apple.
  • you'd think that god could have had another burning bush experience in which IT WAS TOLD to the people. today, all he'd need to do is text message us or answer one question of AB. maybe people 20 centuries ago had advanced enough so that their emotions needed to be tied to something as tragic as jesus dying on the cross.
    • mushroom
      With instantaneous worldwide communication, such a demonstration would make more of an impact than anything ever written.
  • "Why would He not?" That's a very lame question from a supposedly well versed person. He is a God of LOVE. That is the only thing He could do. Anything else would be ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as this question. WHY is obvious. "The wages of sin is death" either we all die for our sin, or a perfect person dies for us, then we don't have to die. All we have to do is accept what He did for us, and believe in Him. Then DO what He says in His WORD. Pretty simple isn't it?
  • Because god at time--as it is proved in the bible--gets very angry and he needs to sniff the aroma of blood to pacify himself. His wrath sometimes gets out of control and he does strange things. To show you that he loves you and that he is "merciful", "beneficent", "forgiven" "compassionate", "benevolent" and "loving", he slaughtered his own son for crimes his son never committed, thus allowing you to avoid being punished for your own f**kups. Yes, I know. The idea of an innocent man being punished for somebody else's crimes runs counter to every meaningful concept of justice, and there seems to be no compelling reason why substitutionary punishment should be considered a valid form of justice. But hey, who are we to question the god, hunh!
  • He didn't. There really is no why once you realize that God is entirely fictional.
    • Thinker
      Can you see the wind? No, Yet it is there. We can see the results of what the wind can do but we can't see it. Believe me the Lord God is as real
  • If you can find god, ask him.
  • Jesus never came to earth. People just wanted to live a life of fear and be treated like shit by false Gods so they created Jesus and God.
    • Thinker
      You keep believing this. I was right where you are at one time. I then learned the truth in a very special way. It left no doubt in my life the Lord God and Jesus Christ are as real as this earth. I pray you learn the truth as well. It is joyous!
  • Concept of God is totally messed up by these organized religions of today. People have so much confusion. Jesus Christ if he ever lived is a prophet or an enlightened human being who got the vision of God and clarified his doubts about God or understood the truth and gained knoeledge. There are many prophets int his woorld lived and still living. It is like they were all getting some media and attention. In my opinion Jesus's principles or teachings were never heard by people, rather many used it as a business to control human and create empires, so that they could enjoy their lives. Imagine a poor man like Jesus who lived a carpenter's life could even dream about a life of a Pope of vatican who spend 14 million dollars to manage his empire every year?
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  • How did he save us more to the point as we are in worse shape then ever.
  • G-d Jesus came so that we all have eternal life and dont perish. It means G-d believes in a special reltion with you. he loves man so came down and did sacrifice. he could have saved us from up heavens, but then we would not be here asking this question. he chose this way for us , he is god anthropic principle
  • 6-26-2017 Sin, singular, is the absence of spirit. Adam had a spirit but it died and so he was unable to bequeath a spirit to his offspring. That is why everybody is born in sin, not because Mommy and Daddy did the big nasty. That is why a savior had to die in our place and make it possible to create a new spirit for us. Sins, plural, are mistakes, such as throwing a dart and missing the bullseye. Christians are baptised into Christ's death, and dead bodies don't sin, so sins are not an issue for Christians. There is no more forgiveness. Either you believe in Jesus and are saved or you don't believe and are lost.
  • Because the wages of sin is death. And we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God therefore we are all in need of being saved from death. And God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life therefore Jesus was sent to Earth to pay the wages of sin to redeem us from our sins and pay the price for everlasting life.
  • To redeem humanity from the sacrificial laws of the Old Testament. 1 John 2:2 "And He is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world."
  • 4-7-2017 "BTW" Why "all" the "quotation" marks? "They" are "totally" out "of "place".
  • The Old Testament Law was only a temporary law. Man could not live up to that law. Much of the OT law was for the Hebrews only (the Jews) in their worship rituals not for the gentile. Jesus Christ came to earth to fulfill the law, to replace it with the Law of Love (Matthew 22:36-40). The Old Testament Law is gone (Romans 10:4) for those whom have Jesus Christ for their Saviour.
  • That idea makes no sense whatsoever. Why did God wait 4,000 years to send him? Why send him at all? If God is so omnipotent, he could just forgive humans for the faults of the first two or start over if he was an inept creator and try to do better the next time. If God must follow some higher laws, he has other gods above him. This is the goofiest story line I have ever seen.
  • Because of the vows the Lord God made with Adam of which he turned those vows over to Satan. It takes a physical body to take control not a spiritual one. This is a very involved study. If you want to know more about this you need to research it.
  • so we can go to heaven

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