• Anything that makes me look at the world differently.
  • I enjoy all forms of artistic expression ~ though music dance and photography top my list of faves :)
  • Yes. All art. I love all of the classics in painting, sculpture, music, and literature. I am a "Renaissance Man". (smile). I am very into modern as well. I love "Hootie and the Blowfish".
  • I love many different types of art. I love medieval icons. I love working out the symbolism. But I also love Renaissance art, Northern European ARt, English Art, and the Impressionists. My real love is traditional Balinese art. I have a small collection. My largest piece was purchased by the Australian Museum a while ago. Below are examples of Balinese traditional art, both from East Bali, Klungkung Regency. The first is the ceiling of the Kerta Gosa, the old re-war law court of the Klungkung Kingdom. It ceiling is covered in traditional themes of eternal punishment for transgressors. The second is an episode from the Indian epic the Mahabharata. In it, Arjuna on his chariot, fires arrows at the opposing army. His brother Bhima is in the forward chariot. In the sky above, the gods hover.
  • Yes, my first artistic loves were ballet and music. Then writing and physical human art (see video) Now I've added: Photography...particularly nature and nude or veiled human art photography-- tasteful presentation of the human figure.
  • I love art . I think art is beautiful it expresses feelings and emotions , whether it's music or paintings or even sculptures . Every individual form of art tells a story. Without art this world would be a sad , dull place.
  • Lord Frederick Leighton is a favorite of mine. Also enjoy all the well known masters.
  • I love; Classic oils, architecture and sculpture Etchings Photograveures photographs Japanese Woodblock and Shunga prints Aquatint etchings. Music. Just abotu every kind imaginable. Dance. Ballet, Jazz (Bob Fossie STILL rocks!) and Modern Opera. Mostly French and Italian. Theatre And Film... Mostly artsey fartsey avant gaurde existential and experimental IFC type films.
  • The art of LOVE! :D
  • I am, the art of good beer making.
  • I love paintings. I would stare at them for hours. I did try to paint and I have some good ones as well..

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