• It sounds like a character in a bad SciFi movie.
  • "DataAdaptor is a generic interface to an external data source. A specific data adaptor (e.g. XmlDataAdaptor) will implement this interface to advertise its data in a generic way for reading and writing to a specific data source (e.g. XML file). DataAdaptor is intended to be a generic wrapper for specific data adaptors. Data adaptors do not have any knowledge about the objects that read and write data. Such data receivers and writers must implement the DataListener interface. A DataAdaptor instance is generated for each node in a hierarchical data tree and advertises information about the node and provides accessors to its children. Information about a node is in the form of attributes which represent key/value pairs of primitive data. " Source and further information:
  • it is interface between dataset and database.It works on disconnected architecture way.Fetch the record from database and place in the dataset.and connection will close.
  • Data adaptor Act as a bridge between dataset and database.
  • Spelled wrong for one.

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