• I love the location of my home the most because I live on a 22 acre community lake. My favorite room in the house is the kitchen because it has a bay window over looking the water and three more additional windows.
  • Like best :The bar in my living room and the locality of my house... what I hate about it : my landlord lives downstairs !
  • I love that we live in the country, far away from any town of significant size. I dislike that there is only one grocery store and one restaurant. LOL!
  • I like thats it full of love and really stylish, but i dont really like the kitchen, it needs to be renovated!!!
  • I love that it is my dream home which my husband built with love for us. I like least that it is in a rural area, which is fine Spring, summer and Fall....but the winters are long, harsh and boring!!
  • I love where it's at, out in the country, in the woods, and that my husband and I built it together, every part of it, just the two of us. Every log, every wire, every screw and nail (except for some help on the steep part of the roof) we did together. There is a story in each wall. Add that to the location and it's a dream come true for my love and me.

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