• Deal is, Ur gonna settle for whatever is available "Stock" at Ur local Parts Store. There may be "High Performance" Gaskets available made of who knows what, but "Stock" should do the job if the Head & Block are ok. Now, they are NOT MADE OF RUBBER, rather a "Blend" of compounds usually with a "Steel/Stainless Steel" ring around the Cylinders. They do make "All Steel" gaskets, but not generally for an every day "Beater". Be sure to have the Heads checked for cracks/straightness, & clean the Block to bare metal, but do not "Remove Metal" with "Hand Held Power Tools (Sander/Grinders)". Clean thoroughly with a solvent & wipe Blow Dry. Oil the INSIDES ONLY of the Cylinders & rotate the crank to distribute it. When U put heads on there should be no contamination on Block or Heads that could effect the Gaskets Sealing. Follow Factory directions on how to Torque the Heads down & use a "Calibrated Click Stop Wrench" at least. John

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