• No. Well, maybe. I'm usually pretty calm around angry people. It's my contribution to their decompression. It's when they act upon their anger that things might get a little strange. Everything goes in slomo at that point. That's a symptom of panic. That and tunnel vision. It's whether or not you can control the panic, I guess. I have so far.
  • I used to when I was married, not anymore.
  • Yes. It really bothers and upsets me. I have heard that peoplecan learn how to deal with it, and I really need that training!
  • Naaahhh...
  • Only if they are also holding a base ball bat.
  • Oh please. I laugh at things like that.
  • Nope LOL!! :):)
  • Nope, I don't panic. I am usually always calm, even in the face of extreme danger.
  • yes - im the biggest woos ever!
  • Not any more, unless I did something stupid and they have a legit reason to be mad at me.
  • No I act like everything is normal. It usually makes them feel silly or calm down. I do that to my husband when he gets angry. It always works.
  • No. I don't want to hear it but as I move along in years I could care less and less.
  • Pretty much, yeah. I kinda freak out inside. Full-scale panic attacks. Comes from growing up with an alcoholic father who got pretty mean whenever he drank, which was every day and night.
  • No, I get very quiet and very calm. I deal with the angry person. Then my stomach hurts when it is all over.
  • Nah .. bring it on, I usually get em sorted and back to happy soon enough :)
  • I do not or...I would have a different job. (I am a divorce lawyer.) I have a psychological trick which works, amazingly, most of the time. And perhaps being a woman increases the likelihood of it working. I don't know. But the more escalated someone gets, the calmer I force myself to be. If they are really up there, I might find myself at near-whisper, Romper Room levels of gooey goodness. It is hard to maintain a high level of anger, the point of which is to make your opponent angry too, if you aren't able to succeed in your goal. There is only SO HIGH YOU CAN GO without...well actually murdering me, before just logically speaking, you have to de-escalate yourself anyways. Now if I am in an alley, and engaged in a potential act of random violence, that is another story. If real violence is a possibility, I believe that appearing strong and impervious is probably my best bet. But if there were a magic answer to avoiding rapists and serial murderers we would all be getting trained in that technique so your guess is as good as mine.

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