• Yeah, welcome to AB. We have support meetings evernight here at Other than that, seriously don't use the computer or TV before bed and only get into bed when you are sleepy.
  • try to stay awake and see what happens
  • Try to lose yourself into a daydream. Think of some sort of fantasy that's far away from your real life. Also don't think about things that make you mad. That will only keep you awake.
  • Watch tv coverage of the Canadian election. Zzzzzzz
  • It is 2.30am in the morning, my eyes are wide awake so i guess i better give answering this one a miss
  • I don't mean this the way a lot of folks will take it but sex works for me. Try it, You will like it! Plus, even if you don't go to sleep, it will make staying up worth the wait.
  • Read a very boring book.
  • Make sure you aren't drinking or eating anything with caffeine in it. If you are taking any pills or vitamins check the labels to see if anything could be an energizer, or cause insomnia. Try to exert lots of energy through out the day. Make sure to be eating healthy. Having calming time before bed, that doesn't involve television or computer. Try reading, or writing. Pray. You could try boring yourself to sleep...
  • While your up clean the floors.
  • yes, dont drink so much coffee and take a sleeping pill, i have allergies so i take benadryl when i sleep

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