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  • That can cause kidney failure.
  • i have taken it before and it did I think that i took to much cause i my body was on fire all night , I took 8 500 mgs of niacin and it 4 pills at 2 am and the other 4 at 6 am and had the u.a at 2 p.m. and it came back clean....
  • so what do u think chad how many do i take for a u a at 2 p.m tomorrow debbie
  • yea i have taken niacin before it burns alot n makes u hella red wen it does this it means its working its basicially burning out the toxins of your body. but i only did it wen i was smoking budd my friend is a drug addict n is trying to stay clean now but she has a drug test from her job n she wants me to find out something for her she needs to pass she wants to take niacin but she doesnt no wut drugs it wil clean out of your system. she nos it cleans budd but the question is does it clean all drugs ? extasy, shrooms, acid, cocaine, meth, heroine, etc. please get back to me on this its important..

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