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  • Say NO :-)
  • A lot of them are, to be honest. You don't want to have sex with him, you say no and you don't. It's as easy as that, seriously :) If he tries to go further than you'd like, just say no.
  • use a condom if you do and use your judgement if you dont.
  • not let him, obviously. If he wants to, and you don't, and nothing happens, that's great. If he wants to, and you don't, and he can't understand that, he does not deserve to be in your pants. You deserve better than someone who doesn't care what you think.
  • Guys at 16/17 years old are programed by Mother Nature to want sex with almost any girl that's willing. As a matter of fact, the sex drive on average is at a lifetime high point when guys are 17 years old. That just goes to show how stupid some of our laws are that try to delay a natural activity between two people. The choice to have or not have sex is all yours, so if you don't feel that the time and the guy is right for you, just don't do it. Nobody other than you even has an opinion that really matters. Going "all the way" is only one of your options. Sometimes just a little playing around like a hand-job, or oral, or a little fingering, can be fun without the serious risky business of actually "doing it"... ;~) Party safe, and also consider your reputation.
  • If you don't want to do it, don't be anywhere alone with this guy.
  • just dont go to the party if you know he might be successful in seducing you. or be up front and tell him you dont want to.
  • Here is a question for you.......... What do you think about unwed mothers? This should give you a hint of my answer. Its your body and yours alone. A lifetime of misery can come from a few minutes of pleasure. Think about that. Do not accept any drink from anybody. it could be laced with drugs. Want a drink? get it yourself. And, just say NO to sex and mean it!
  • Dont go all the way, you already said you didnt want to.
  • Do not put yourself in that position. Stay in the light..literally : ) Do not go into a secluded area with him or you may find yourself doing what you didn't want to do.
  • YES, all 16/17 yr old guys are just looking for sex. Basically if you tell someone no & they start to try & persuade you, get up & leave because they dont respect you. At your age you cant expect love but the minimum you should demand is respect.
  • Men, especially young men, fixated on sex? You must be joking! I've never heard of such a thing... You're too young to have sex. Simply refuse. Let him find a cougar.
  • Yes they're all about sex. You have the right to say no. But be prepared for guys to be pushy, keep trying, and even get mad or mean. No matter what they do it's still your decision, If someone only cares about what they want and doesn't respect what you want you should drop em like a bad habit lol.
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