• First, pull up to a tree (or something that won't give when you push it with the truck) so that the front bumper is touching it, and, gently, give it some gas while watching the from tires out your driver side window. If the front wheels spin your problem is in the lights, check your fuses. If not, then either your button isn't contacting or your 4 wheel drive is messed up and you need a mechanic.
  • Sounds like the switch is bad to me. Pretty common issue.
  • The most common problem with Explorers with electronic 4x4 control is the transfer case shift motor which is located on the backside of the transfer case. Many people have had good luck with removing and cleaning the contacts inside the motor. Also there is a rubber stop bushing inside that deteriorates and causes problems. Instructions on how to fix it (and many other Explorer problems) can be found at
  • I had the same issue. There are two indicator lights for the 4X4 mode; One next to the button, The other in the lower right dash light area (near the right turn signal internal 'blinkie-light'). If neither light when you go to 4X4 mode then see above. Sorry it's transfer motors. I replaced mine with manual hubs just for that reason. Good luck.
  • when push the butten no lits and nothing hapens
  • there is a motor on your tranfer case that looks like a windsheild wiper motor. it has contacts in it that stick.turn you truck on,while someone holds the button you need to tap on the motor with a hammer to release the 90% of the time. contacts can be cleaned with sand paper.good luck. same happened to mine and it worked on mine.saved me alot of money.

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