• You would need a power converter and a way to keep a constant charge on the battery....almost pointless as you will need to use a wall inlet for the charger for the battery to power the converter....;)
  • I believe the proper word is inverter. Inverter, an electrical/electronic device which converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). DC current is the battery and AC current is your standard household current.
  • Rather than go through the swapping of the batteries, I think I would find a way where I could have them both hooked up but have a switch that I could throw. Much like the gas tank situation in modern pickups. They have a knob or switch to throw when one gas tank runs empty. You might think about what you are going to do for internet service. The way gasoline is going for price, I think I would think twice before venturig on a year-long trip unless I had more money than Iknew what to do with. Social Security isn't going to be there when you want to retire and you may wish you had thought ahead. Good Luck.

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