• Yep more than enough, and the teachers told us some stuff as well :-)
  • Yes I soaked up that information like a sponge. All I had to do was see those nasty pictures once to know to use a condom at all times. What I think I didn't get enough of though was information on birth control. It was just like "Go to this place and get some pills if you need it" type of thing. Not like I personally needed the info though.
  • No, I went to a private christian school and the only thing we were taught was abstinence. Of course how many girls do you think listened to that?!?!
  • Not at all. The program in my school basically informed kids (via graphic, disturbing images) of alllllllll the possibilities. Nothing like shock factor to scare kids into abstinence!
  • Luckily, yes, although I've had a fairly good handle on all that (especially the reproduction part) since I was 5 or 6. Thankfully, I reaped the benefits of my school system's sex-ed classes before the Crazy Christians got themselves elected onto the school board and began to censor the town's public education.
  • We had no sex education at all at school. The only sex education I got was when a condom fell out of my pocket at home. My mother said, 'you'd better not bring any trouble home!' HELLO...isn't that what the condom's for? It was a few decades ago.
  • I was taught on the subject not in a public school, but in a more appropriate setting. Since then, I have reproduced, which happened after terminating usage of an effective birth control method we used for over a decade successfully, when we were ready, and have no worries about catching any type of STD and am easily affording the raising of said child with no outside help.
  • I think they were better at it in the late 60s and early 70s. We really did know quite a bit and I even could share some of it with my mom. But we didn't have the problem with AIDS back then, but there are enough STDs to go around lol!!! I'm still amazed at how much misinformation is still out there and wonder what they teach nowadays or do kids just not pay attention in school anymore. I started in the 6th grade and right on through junior high.
  • In India, our culture does not permit such things to be discussed at schools.

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