• It's bad, whatever it is! That's why Sarah Palin stood up to those Washington elitists and said No How No Way, and fired a few rounds over their heads so they went scurrying back to the lower 48.
  • Kinda like the stairs to the ceiling in the Winston House... Yet another really expensive politically "fueled" very useless endevor that will only appear productive and meaningful from a distance.
  • It's a metaphor for where our nation is going!
  • It's part of the infrastructure that The Talking Heads sang about in there song "Road to Nowhere".
  • If your Alaska, it's a bridge to an island even smaller and less populated than the one Sarah Palin was the mayor of. If your a U.S. citizen, it's the bridge Sarah Palin supported building along with Ted Stevens and where roughly $359 million of your tax dollars went anyway despite it never being built - because Palin kept it for other pet projects instead of returning it.

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