• Yes, unless it's a knife or something. Of course you can bring a wrapped present on board. :)
  • I disagree. I took wrapped gifts once and had to unwrap them. I don't recommend it unless you're willing to rewrap them.
  • I would advise caution too. There is nothing wrong with a wrapped package per se, but the problem occurs if they want to see inside. This can happen for a number of reasons from them seeing something odd on the x-ray to you just getting the unlucky ticket number that means they have to go through you luggage at security. If that happens then yes they will have to unwrap it and that would be annoying. So can you technically bring a wrapped present, yes, but will you have to unwrap it, maybe.
  • The news channels over here always say not to wrap the presents. In this day and age in the airports I wouldn't just so there is less of a hassel, just put some wrapping paper in your suitcase and wrap them when you get to your destination.

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