• Yep! Not so much that you feel sick.
  • ... before & after, YES ... during, no, not really ... only if you are training for long periods of time ... a training session of two hours or less will be better to not pause for a drink ... while training sessions of ten to sixteen hours should have frequent pauses of just a few minutes, during which you should only have a few sips of either plain water, fruit juice, or weak herbal tea ... but never drink LOTS while training!
  • Hi, well I believe you should drink sips of water to keep rehydrated, but I can tell you my old instructor who trained with the Japanesse was taught to lick their own hands and arms to replace the loss of salt, or even put a very small amount of salt on their hand before training, well I don't know if people would do that now, but all the drinks sold today are to help to replace salt and sugar in your body. It never did my instructor any harm he was teaching me at 81 years of age!!
  • After and before training yes, during longer sessions just a little, more for the throat than actual hydration. New studies show the best post exercise drink is low fat flavoured milk. The monofats in low fat milk increase the absorption for hydration almost 30%, the sugar in the flavouring provides a glucose hit that the body is craving after strenuous exercise and the protein and calcium content encourages lean muscle development.
  • I think yku should hydrate yes, but be sparing because you dont want to get cramps

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