• No, I dont crush them
  • No. Where I live we have to pay a small amount for out cans and bottles. That is then refunded when we return them to ANY shop. It is a great way to encourage recycling and comes in quite handy when you cash in years supply in one go. Yes it takes up alot of space and time, but is well worth it imo.
  • Yes, I give them a squeeze, that way they take up less room in my recycling container, and also in the truck (we have curbside recycling pickup) so hopefully less truckloads are needed to pick it all up. I've also read that squeezing them helps avoid letting contaminants in to the container - at which point the can cannot be recycled and is thrown away. Interesting though, I just found some instructions of one municipality that requests you crush plastic bottles, but not aluminum cans: * Don’t Crush Aluminum Cans A special machine is used to separate aluminum cans from other containers before they get ready for shipment. The machine works best when the cans are not crushed. * Crush Plastic Water and Soda Bottles and Place Lid Back On Processing of these plastics is much easier if the air is squeezed out of them and the caps are screwed back on. If this is not possible, please leave the caps off so that the bottles can be easily crushed at the recycling facility.
  • Yes I do so that there is more room in my recycling container.
  • I crush them to save space but don't recycle them.
  • No, I just put them into a plastic box and leave the box outside on the day the recycler truck comes.

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