• You mean "Does caffeine have the same effect whether you get it from a pill or coffee, given the same dosage?" I'd imagine so. it might absorb a little better with the coffee, but I think that'd be the end of the differences.
  • yeah i think so that effects are same but effects of caffeine undiluted will be faster...cos higher concentration is achieved in blood faster...i always taken a teaspoon of coffee diluted in very little water(like2-3 tablespoons) just b4 going for exams when i have stayed up whole night studying or have slept only 1-2 hours and it works...i like to call it "coffee shots"..besides the horrible bitter taste of the undiluted coffee also helps to ward off the sleep!!
  • You're trying to gross me out, stop it. The caffeine effect will be the same either way, but the coffee powder would taste taste so awful it would have a strong negative effect on your state of mind.

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