• North Korea has build huge dams for the purpose of one day releasing the water behind those dams to flood major South Korean cities and their inhabitants. North Korea was also allowed to develop nuclear weapons which they demonstrated when the detonated 40 years of GDP underground not too long ago. I am not sure I would want to live in South Korea and deal with that.
  • South Korea may be rich, in particular compared to the North, but there are still people who are at a disadvantage. The imiigrants tend to be either those who are not making it there or the opposite end of the spectrum, well educated people who are doing well but see an opportunity to do even better in another country.
  • They want a change of scenery.
  • they are rev sun moon's missionaries.
  • south korea is not "rich." they are industrial, productive, and fast paced, but not rich. they are well off compared to other asian countries. however, the reason why they come to america is because america is the easiest place to make money for what you work. south korea, no matter how educated you are, the competition is high and hard to make money unless youre lucky. people who have masters or doctrines can be broke for a long time. korea has been hit with IMF more than once.
  • There could be millions of reasons why someone would move to another country like for job, school, health, family, learn more about another countries' culture, food, etc. The USA is considered one of the richest countries in the US and and a lot of people here immigrate to other countries to get a new start and to explore the world.
  • I can say Korean people are rich (The 12th ranking for GDP even though they have so less people) But in Korea, education is hardly built to the students. Many Juinor and senior high schools go to USA or UK to study english. Some people immigrate so they can find better jobs. (In korea the jobs are getting lower) so they need to go other places to find a job.
  • I can only guess (I have very little knowledge on the usbject so I'm borrowing some things that my friends from S. Korea told me): - Often times, teens or yound adults (college or highschool age) leave the country to study abroad. Usually to learn English so they can be more competitive when they are older. - Korea is over populated. It's a small country and many of its people are located in Seoul, causing it seem way more crowded than it really it is. Also, avoiding the big cities won't do your profesisonal career any good. - Korea is sometimes too rough when it comes too school. Teachers are aloud to hit students and the SAT can make or break you (not as forgiving as it is in the west). Colleges on se eyour score and you are given a list of colleges that you are allowed to apply to, if you don't do well, you've ruined your future. (You can find articles about people commiting suicide after reciveing low scores). So somtimes parents leave in the middle of highschool or kids leave to go to college in the west. - Korea wants to be international so jobs are starting to expand their businesses over seas. This means that a few people get sent over to other countries.
  • People have hit the nail on the head. Korean society and culture is rigid, from cradle to grave. Attend school and then after-school academy for 10-12 hours a day, go to the army for two years, struggle to get into a good university(there are 20 million others competing for your same job and university position( you must get married (to who your parents decide) before age 30. People work long hours with little reward. Class division and status are ripe and children of mixed or immigrant (south Asian) origin face heavy discrimination in even mainstream society. It may have hit a high GDP, but culturally South Korea (and I love the place, personally) has a long way to go in offering a better life for it's citizens.
  • they do? i'm dying to move to South Korea. they are technologically advanced, have COOL music and cell phones, and the people are HOT!
  • Considering how much of South Korea looks alike, you'd want a change of scenery too.
  • What makes you think that the only thing people emigrate for is money? There are people emigrating from the US to Canada, as well as from Canada to the US. There are people settling down all over the world from everywhere else in the world.

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